Apr 29

Morning Mary

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We packed ourselves into the SUV and took off away from the campus. The first stop along the way was going to be a local chapel inside a Catholic Church. As we walked in, the hushed silence enveloped us as the world vanished behind us. We splashed ourselves with holy […]

Apr 17


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A rebellious girl with a stash of bring red curly hair plays the lead role. It reminded me of the Tudors with its Celtic setting. The music and legends simply delighted me as the plot engaged me. She refused to marry simply because she was told to do so and […]

Apr 7


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It was a simple late night run to Publix. As I swiped my card, I dawned on me that I should take out some cash before going to the gas station. I thought it was silly because I could use my card. When I tried to swipe my at the […]