Morning Mary

We packed ourselves into the SUV and took off away from the campus. The first stop along the way was going to be a local chapel inside a Catholic Church. As we walked in, the hushed silence enveloped us as the world vanished behind us. We splashed ourselves with holy water and sat in the back pews. My eyes closed, and the other realm presented itself. I sat for what felt like hours. Upon opening my eyes, the side prayer room came into focus. The glass door was pushed under the weight of my hands as the sight of Mary made me feel welcome. I kneeled on the cushion and prayed.
While I was praying about my current endeavor, it felt as if her hands were placed on my upper back. The warm support made me feel as if I was being heard. It was not long before I refreshed myself with more holy water and rejoined my friends outside. The next stop was Starbucks. A Lady has to eat.
You do not have to be of a particular faith or background to connect to Mary. She is available for all people that welcome her into their lives. I happen to enjoy her warmth and embrace her presence as a part of my existence.

Naples: The Easter Weekend Vacation

When the opportunity to visit Naples appeared, I decided to take it. It is a nice place not terribly far from Miami, and there would be a chance for me to finally see the beach on this west side of the State. It was also a chance for me to rediscover the hidden world of the harp since my harp technician resides in this very town.
After settling in for a bit, I drove twenty minutes to his place. There were a million harps on display. We talked about my first lesson back in high school and marveled at my progress. I mentioned my decision to freelance full time for about a year, and it was met with enthusiasm and nice suggestions. As I departed, plans were made to return next month so that my other harps could also have a turn with some tender loving care.
As I walked into the guest house, the smell of grilled meat took over my nostrils. There was grilled chicken and hamburger. In an effort to have a balanced meal, I added some salad and dug into the animal feast. It was quite the delight followed by Gelato with chocolate syrup. The evening settled into night and met me with quite a relaxing slumber.
My current schedule requires that I am awake by 6:45am during the week. A Saturday allows me to sleep in which is something that I took full advantage of this morning. My body was quite refreshed from a proper rest. I was soon scooped up for a nice lunch complete with wine and coffee. After a dip in the small pool, I was introduced to the local version of Fresh Market. The shopping was lovely.
The beach came out of the middle of nowhere. I have never seen such foam from the sea before. Several pictures were captured due to my fascination with this salty phenomena. The salt easily crumbled in my toes, and the gigantic waves left me in awe. It was a beautiful sight to behold.
The evening is settling now with a game of tennis unfolding before me. Because I am performing tomorrow, I opted to observe instead of play. However, that shall change next week. It has been a wonderful get away for me. It has taught me that whenever it is possible for me to get away to a nice relaxing spot, it is a sign that I should go.


A rebellious girl with a stash of bring red curly hair plays the lead role. It reminded me of the Tudors with its Celtic setting. The music and legends simply delighted me as the plot engaged me. She refused to marry simply because she was told to do so and competed in a tournament for her own hand against the wishes of her parents. I saw myself in this girl.
She had her own mind and was not afraid to voice it without any regard for the opinion of others or tradition. It made me wish that my voice was found sooner in life instead of being the person that did everything that everyone wanted at my own expense. It was refreshing to watch this Disney character make her own way in the world. She eventually changed the opinions of her mother and opened her eyes to an exciting world.
More movies of this nature should be made. I will forever love Cinderella but Prince Charming does not exist in real life. Not every ending is going to be happy. Most of the time there is just an ending. Young girls should be encouraged to have an opinion that is heard by all so that they can grow into women with strong backbones and loud voices.

My Change in Life: The Job is Coming to an End

When a woman speaks her mind, she is called an obscene word. This is an unfair label. Many of us are guilty of feeling one way and acting another. This is not only a lie to ourselves but to the other party. You can either be a blunt person that is very direct or a well behaved lady that gives the appearances of a nice cheery world.
Earlier this week, I was manipulated into doing something against my will in my workplace. When it came to my attention that the situation had spiraled into my superior’s office, something inside me snapped. After composing myself, the phone was handled with care as I calmly explained to the culprit that I had been disrespected. During the conversation, I realized how ignorant people are about what I do. There is a serious lack of professional courtesy. In truth, there is a need for a renaissance in the area of common sense.
While my health struggles to deal with such harsh slaps of reality, this final straw has shown me that my prayers for guidance have been answered. How long will I deal with poor health due to stress? How long will I live for weekends? My current work situation was already uncomfortable and now it has gotten even worse. As I reflect upon what my new life would entail, my true self begins to emerge.
I was told in 2009 that I do not like being told what to do. When this information was shared with me, it was confusing. A boss has always been in place for me to refer issues. As the years have progressed, this statement has become more and more evident in my life. I tire of having to bring the visions of others to life while mine lays dormant.
The idea of waking up in the morning and moving slowly appeal to me a great deal. A cup of tea as I walk barefoot on the ground prior to meditation is ideal. While people fight morning traffic, I want to stretch and listen to soft music. My day should not start at 8. It should start at 9 or ten at my leisure. It would be a joy to be able to go to the doctor without having to take an entire day off from work. Creating my new lifestyle based on my needs is a healing thought.
As my plan formulates, the universe is responding to my stronger vibration. Opportunities are beginning to drop from the sky. Friends have rallied their support across the board. It will be interesting to see where I am this time next year. I do not want to look back and wonder what if I had tried to do something else with myself. If I try and fail, at least I will be able to say that I tried.


It was a simple late night run to Publix. As I swiped my card, I dawned on me that I should take out some cash before going to the gas station. I thought it was silly because I could use my card. When I tried to swipe my at the gas station, the machine told me to see the cashier. It wasn’t long before the atm was graced with my presence in search of cash. This was the price of ignoring my intuition.
The signs will not always be huge slaps of reality or vivid dreams. They can be familiar head voices or a nagging feeling. Perhaps it was necessary for me to experience in order for me to realize that intuition will come at you in more than one form throughout the day. It is something for me to keep in mind.