Mar 31

New Moon Reflection

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She spoke about her thriving life as she once knew it. It was complete with a new successful business and loving fiance. After the tragedies of 9/11, she lost everything in the death of her husband. It triggered a need to live without regret. If I wait any longer to […]

Mar 17


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In 2010, The Beginning was released as my first cd. It had occurred to me that I had fallen into simply doing performances that enabled me to be in the background; this is something that I needed to change. Music has been a passion of mine since childhood, and there […]

Mar 15

The Day My Mother Fainted

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My bed was consuming me for a while as the time crept closer towards my performing in West Palm Beach. When the phone rang, I saw that it was my brother. He informed me that our mother had been rushed to Baptist Hospital. I knew that I was going to […]

Mar 8

The Celtic Harpist

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I do not listen to harp music. This probably surprises many people but it isn’t something that I gravitate towards. I would much rather listen to cello or R&B music. However, the timbre of the Celtic harp is one that has always entranced me. Its history within Ireland runs deep. […]

Mar 8

The Tennis Match

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As my search for a comfortable physical fitness regime continued, it occurred to me that a dear friend was a tennis professional. It made sense for me to ask her for a lesson even it I only played one time. As a child, I spent a few summers playing tennis […]

Mar 6

Harp & Small Children

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It was a bright and sunny Christmas morning. My performance was inside of a country club in West Palm Beach. Since it was for five hours, there were many breaks to take. Upon returning from my second break, a mother brought her young daughter to meet me. She informed me […]

Mar 6


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Change is a personal choice because it involves effort. Effort is something that not every individual on the planet has the desire or integrity to execute. It is easier to speak about an issue without the person’s knowledge instead of confronting the person. Instead of dieting an exercising, many opt […]

Mar 6

A Minute of Loss

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For the last few weeks, my life has lacked any purpose whatsoever. I have felt completely useless and withdrawn from the passion of living. My existence has been unimportant. These feelings lingered long enough for me to check the info regarding my personal life cycles. There it was in black […]

Mar 5


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Trying to find the hospital in the city is like running through a maze in the dark. The directions were wrong. The traffic was moderate and there were lots of people that looked important running around in suits. When I finally arrived, valet parking was delayed so I hightailed it […]