December is the Month of Abundance

It was going to be a three and a half hour performance in the middle of Christmas Day for a brunch at a country club. I began the day at my ancestral altar and spent time in prayer. It was a simple way of giving thanks for my life and how it has transpired this season. I even made it a point to mention that my arms would remain open for future abundance. Well, they were full once the phone rang minutes before my first performance. Apparently, my presence was required at another venue immediately after the first one. There would be no time for a leisurely lunch or even a sip of tea. Unfortunately, I have yet to find my beloved pink water bottle.
As I flew from Boca Raton to Hallendale, I thought of holiday seasons of yesteryear. This has to be my busiest December to date. I have performed consecutively for days at a time and received last minute phone calls for engagements only hours away. I only wear red or black during this month.
Night has fallen. People are either having a second round of dessert or calling it a night. I have crawled into bed with thoughts of how Boxing Day should be conducted. As the New Year approaches, there are things that I would like to do to prepare including a proper house cleansing for myself and a client. (she doesn’t know it yet but her house cleansing will include lots of harping…). The fingertips are tired. The eyes are heavy. The body asks for rest. The radio is off in my home. I do not even hear crickets.

The Cold Moon

I felt as if December was going to be an extremely busy month. All Circle activities were placed on hiatus so that I could focus solely on performances and other personal endeavors; that is code for a personal life. It has been a long time since the happy holiday month has been so wild with performances much to my delight. However, as the full moon approaches, there are some other effects that are taking place.
After a day of rehearsals and holiday parties, I settled in for a nice slumber. Unfortunately, it did not include sugar plum fairies. I was awake for so long that I decided to clean my house. There was a post on Facebook that spoke directly to me: “We have to accept that that sleeping patterns change during the full moon….”. All I could do was sigh. When it was time for me to resettle, strange dreams took over my mind. As the Heart Chakra song awakened me to a rather bitter dawn, it was evident that I needed a day off from work. Again. A full one this time. There was no need for me to subject myself to the bombarding noises of phone calls, talking, clicking, and bells. Instead I opted for breakfast at the Latin Cafeteria down the street. Afterwards, I prepared a nice spa bath for myself and it was absolutely lovely. A short nap took me into the afternoon. As the evening slowly approaches, I am beginning to turn my attention to performance matters yet again…and cramps. Where is the Alleve….and the Black Forest Cake…..

Abundance: The Funny Thing

It had been a long marathon performance week. Harp season had officially arrived and I was in full swing. Long evenings turned into long nights filled with music and confirmation emails. Sleep, eat, and harp; the only things on my agenda. New connections gave hope to more work in the new year. In the middle of it all, a person crossed my mind.

Years ago, I used to visit a missionary on the north side of Miami. She was a much older woman with years of prayer under her belt. She worked Psalms and conducted brief church services for those that sought her assistance. Her old home stood with a poor roof; nothing that could not be fixed with the proper roofing company. I had not seen her since 2008. I decided that I would take my friend to see her so that we could share in the joy of God.

I prayed for guidance to the home as I did not know if I would remember how to find it. Once in front it, the garden was quite recognizable and the roof was still in great need of repair. Unfortunately, the gate was locked; this was new. It had never been locked before. There weren’t any neighbors that I could ask about the situation. Suddenly, the front door opened and out walked the kind missionary. We called to her and she ventured out to greet us. She told me how much I had crossed her mind the other day; no doubt the same day that she had crossed mind. She had to close her church due to the city declaring her home unstable. Nonetheless, she gave all of her glory to Jesus and offered us Psalms for us to reflect upon throughout the week. We told her that we would check on her in the new year and made a contribution towards the maintenance of her missionary endeavors.

This morning, I awoke in tears. I asked God to please show mercy upon this woman, his very dedicated servant. She worked upon his behalf. I wondered how so much abundance had been given to me and yet this woman could not gather the resources to take care of her home. I never wanted to ask about her family or insurance; however, it was obvious that neither were progressing for her if either existed. It did not seem fair to live in a world where no bank could help her. My fingers found an email address to connect me with possible organizations that could possibly help her. Tom Joyner may even hear from me. They say it takes one person to make a difference. This may be my opportunity.