Nov 19

Why I Hate My Menstrual Cycle

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Dear Uterus, I think that it is time that you understand how I feel about you. I have tried to keep the peace by purchasing different types of products to accommodate your various moods. You care nothing about my precious underwear or my life. You bleed for unreasonable lengths of […]

Nov 12

An Evening with Mediums

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It was a very interesting night for me. The gathering was for people that wanted to receive different types of readings, and I was one of the readers. As I wandered into my room, I created my setup on the acupuncture bed. Soft music filtered in through the ceiling which […]

Nov 2


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It was an opportunity for me to spread the circle to another location. I was ecstatic about this new place for me to gather women. Unfortunately, as I spoke to the secondary business owner, it was clear that she had already decided that my mission was not aligned with her […]