Beauty is a Full Time Job

In order to maintain a beautiful appearance, a woman has to work hard. It costs money and constant attention. Once you start to get into the habit of looking in the mirror, other things start to reveal themselves and the fine tuning begins.
Let us begin with hair…..on the head. My hair happens to be natural. It has never been my friend. It requires combing. Brushing. Dye. Trims. Conditioning. Hot oil treatments. Special shampoo. Specified pillow case and scarf. It is not an easy job to maintain an afro of this proportion. Our next visit is body hair. Everywhere.
Eyebrows shape the face and can make a girl look like she has some spice. However, after about two weeks, they have to be shaped again lest one begins to resemble a creature from outer space. Facial hair is another pesky issue. It is not the most attractive thing on a woman’s face yet the damn thing grows. Tweezers and wax are the only things that I can say about such a nuisance. The armpits are a requirement if one plans to wear a tank top or go swimming. Did I hear someone mention the bikini line? The trimming of the bush is a personal matter. Some woman like to allow it to grow wild while others tame it with a weed whacker. My personal opinion is that if I am already spending all of this time on hair, I may as well have the complete neat look. Legs are easy thanks to pink gel and a pink razor.
Dare I bring up clothing? No. I shall back up to fitness and nutrition. One has to exercise and properly hydrate in order to look nice in clothes. Those pesky pounds can actually vanish if one decides to do a couple laps around the block a few times a week without visiting McDonalds. Once this is accomplished, different styles and colors can be found that a girl enjoys modeling for herself and the world.
Nails. When did women fall in love with painted nails? There are so many wonderful colors and just an abundance of styles: gel, acrylic, French, American, SPA! These days I favor glitter and some type of deep red or bizarre purple. It was recently shared with me that once should have a standing nail appointment. Well after dealing with the hair, a girl may not have the time to get to the nail salon. You may have to walk in the morning and work the rest of the day. The proper solution for this is: use your lunch hour.
Is it any wonder that there are so many different goddesses that are called upon for beauty support? A girl needs prayer to handle all of this. Where is my mirror…..

Protection Thought

You are in tune with the spiritual realm. Meditation and prayer are your tools of communication. Do not hold on to the negative comments about your extreme sensitivity. It is a gift to understand the universe for what it is. This feeling should be mainstream and not pushed to the corner. Embrace your understanding.

A Moment in Church

I was not far from my destination. As my eyes looked to the left, the church stood silent in its historic glory. From the day that I entered this particular church in Downtown Miami, I have thought of nothing but returning. There wasn’t a rush for me to be anywhere. My feet soon carried me to the rusty pink place of divine love.
While checking the hours to see if I could enter the beautiful doors, a homeless woman entered without noise or hesitation; as if she was giving me the okay. There were candles lit and people lost in prayer and altar salutation. A back pew attracted me. Soon my eyes were closed as I felt the reason why people flocked to this special place. A spiritual presence lives there.
In truth, I have an interesting relationship with church. I am not Catholic or Christian; however, being inside a beautiful church sanctuary is something that I enjoy. Its comforting to know that there is a place in the middle of busy streets and angry people where everything is silent and people can openly talk to God. It felt nice to have time to myself in this environment. A refreshed myself with Holy Water as I quietly exited and rejoined the outside world.


The pastor said that women act more like men than men do. As I sat at my harp listening to this message being delivered in the middle of a wedding ceremony, my mind paused on this statement. Women can get artificially inseminated and do not need to get married; he spoke these words next. Truth.
If we take a closer look at the situation, perhaps there are circumstances beyond womens’ control that are causing these things to take place. Many women became strong and independence not because of their personality, upbringing, or by choice; they did so because it was a life requirement. If a worthy man is not in the picture, you have to handle everything by yourself. You can either cry about it, or put on a nice pair of shoes and take on the world.
As I listened to the news this morning, the story of a man that dropped a rather excessive amount of money in a strip club would report fraud to the credit card company the next morning. A football player lost his son by the hands of another man. How could I possibly forget about the man that impregnated enough women to be a public nuisance yet he felt the need to ask for a break from the court because, ” I can not afford all of these children.” Prince Charming is not in this deck. That does not mean that he does not exist but there are many a Cinderella in waiting that simply choose to take care of themselves.
Sometimes the desire to have a baby outweighs the desire to have a relationship with a man that would produce one. No, it is not natural. Neither is the food from McDonalds but people consume it every single day. Relationships are difficult to maintain. Motherhood alone brings its own special bag of challenges. It is an option that many choose to employ.
How does this affect me you may wonder. At this stage of the game, I would rather be alone than with someone that can not bring anything to the table. How do you plan to improve what I have already done for myself? Are you supportive, emotionally available? Do you expect me to drop my own life in honor of your presence? There are many things that my sisters deal with that I will not….but then again, a Lady always has options:)


Human bonding involves risk. It is not for the faint at heart. You have to lay your soul bare if you are to experience the highest levels of true love, compassion, and ultimate fulfillment. For those that choose to push themselves to the extent of such experiences, the consequences include rejection, isolation, and increased fear. They are the true daredevils in life. They are willing to risk it all for the one thing that technology will never replace: true connections.

On this new moon in Cancer, look at the most important connection. Look into yourself. Reach out to the fragments that do not please you and understand those aspects that do not get a lot of attention. Why is that? Balance the overexposed parts with those that never see the light of day. Give yourself permission to make necessary adjustments in your life. You may require time in solitude or a night out with friends, maybe a combination of both. Understand how you have gotten away from yourself and learn how to get you back. As a community of connected women grows, society as a whole will flourish, and the universe shall be at peace.