The Arts are not Free

The other day found me wandering around Facebook. A group post caught my attention. An organization was interested in showcasing the diverse talents of its community. It wanted to reach out to dancers and musicians in various genres to audition for a chance to perform on stage in front of people that would be interested in their work. The top five acts would be selected for this wonderful opportunity. Because I do not engage in Facebook drama, I posted something on my on wall.
What makes people think that artists want to perform for free? A quality arts education program is not cheap because most of it is done through private lessons. Such people often train from childhood and have a wide variety of fees which are associated with their passion. I wondered if this organization would feel comfortable conducting business without a financial transaction? If musicians perform for free, they can not eat dinner. If an artist paints a picture and gives it away, they are unable to pay for more paint. If a dancer performs without proper compensation, she may not be able to get that massage that her body needs because she has been in the studio for hours everyday working that routine.
The arts are not something that just happen over night. It is tradition and appears in every single culture on earth. They contribute to health, wellness, religion, and spirituality. Whenever the arts are removed from schools, the crime rate increases. It goes against the natural order of life. Is it that severe you ask? Think about starting your day in the Spring and never hearing the birds sing. How would that make you feel? The next time that you watch JAWS, turn off the sound and see if that shark is still as scary. Visit the churches in Europe without paying attention to the artistry.
People fail to understand the value of such beauty. People do not understand the passion that is involved in creativity because perhaps they lack it themselves. Such lack of respect and ignorance contributes to this constant advertisement of: perform for free, do this for a lower price. I see it everywhere. I should seek an organization that fights such things because it is getting on my nerves.

Any Daughter of Mine

I do not anticipate having children in my future. The responsibility factor doesn’t tickle my fancy. However, I did wonder what I would do if my daughter came to me and said that she wanted to be a stripper while in college. This is a rather interesting scenario to have on the brain but it did happen. My response would be simple.
From what I can tell, the life of a stripper is not the best. It is an abuse of power for the constant rain of money. While the money is fast, the woman is placed in the position of being a sex object as a lifestyle. It is not exactly a position that one should turn into a career. By the same token, a girl with the right body can use it to leverage herself into financial stability if not success.
This is not the scenario that I would want for my child; however, a parent can not dictate the terms of a child’s life. This is something that I wish all parents knew. If you ever feel uncomfortable or find yourself in a situation where you need help, call me. If this is something that you want to do, then you will have to be the best. You will always have to look like a million dollars: make-up, hair, clothes, physical appearance. I will pay for you to go to Pilates, and you will take pole classes with the finest aerial artists in the land. Promise me that this will not take you away from your studies, and it is not your last stop on the climb to success. Understand why there is a stigma attached to it. Ask yourself how you will feel if one of your professors shows up one night. Take all of these things into consideration prior to making your decision.

Autumn Equinox: THEY ARE HERE

Ever since I returned home from D.C., things have been rather strange. I experienced feelings that were not for me and felt all out of sorts on a consistent basis. I recognized things and did not recognize anything all at the same time. As the week progressed, it came to my attention that nothing was making me happy. Was there a hobby that should be taken up or perhaps retail therapy? There wasn’t an answer in sight.
Upon further investigation, I discovered that the Full Harvest Moon was in Pisces….my sign. Could this be the reason for my irrational behavior? More information came to light as September 22 was presented as the Fall Equinox. Hmmm…..perhaps both events in combination made for a rather turbulent time for me. Was it possible that there were others?
As I reached out to others, reports of the same strange feelings rose to the surface. Mild mannered coworkers became enraged creatures filled with anger and combative measures. Smiles turned to disgust and good intentions ceased to exist. Who am I was the question that ran across the board.
The feelings of last fall came to mind.
During this dark season of 2012, the Autumn Equinox came and left; however, it did not do so without notice. One night, I literally stopped what I was doing. It was as if the earth had opened itself up just a little too much and now everything was loose; feel to roam about and make noise. My hands reached for my cell: did you feel that appeared as a text and I pressed send. My phone rang as my friend explained that she had just finished a conversation with another person regarding the same topic. The veil between the two worlds had thinned in a rather dramatic fashion. Women were feeling its effects in large numbers.
It is during this time of the year that the world grows dark. The nights are short. The mysterious veil that separates the two worlds grows thin if not non-existent. People that stay in touch with the outer realms are quite aware of the changes that this brings about. Spiritual visitations increase much to the delight or dismay of society based on whom you speak with. Celebrations around the world honor ancestors as they return for a visit with loved ones. Its just that this year, the shift began a little earlier than what I had anticipated. It is not a feeling that is expressed in words but one that is simply felt. You can make the most of this time by honoring a loved one that has crossed over. It is my intent to create a little corner that honors the harvest with beautiful colors and perhaps a cornucopia. Autumn is an interesting time of year after all.

The Childish Man

It was a nice leisurely brunch with a lovely friend. We ended up sitting outside because I was cold; again. It was not long before an SUV horn sounded for a rather lengthy moment before another vehicle crunched as it backed into it. It was a slow awful crunch that caught the attention of many a spectator. An arrogant man erupted from the four door Sedan. He assessed the damage that he caused to his car and promptly blamed the woman in the SUV. He continued to pace the street with an angry step. He tried to convince the woman to just let the accident go unreported. My friend watched the entire scene and approached her to be a witness to the fact that the man was guilty as hell. As I chewed on my tasteless Tilapia, the abusive actions of the man towards the lone woman were unsettling for me.
This man was guilty. The police officer told him that prior to issuing the ticket. Instead of making the process as smooth as possible, he tried to dismiss the ownership of his poor judgement and blamed the woman. I felt as if the scene would have played out differently had a man been in her company. In the middle of my meal, I approached her. I told her that I saw how he treated her and quite frankly, it was unwarranted. He did so because he was guilty as charged. He soon came to our table and acted happy that he was charged as if we were going to celebrate it. Instead he received a dumbfounded look of annoyance. This man was a mere child to me. One that lacked proper home training.
The woman came to our table after the entire ordeal and thanked us for our help. She calmly went about her way as we dug into some churros. She doesn’t know that my heart had palpitations when I heard that crunch. She doesn’t know that I went to her side because someone came to mine when I was in the middle of my accident. My friend was happy that I wanted to sit outside because that is why we were able to be of service. The morning subsided with the loud chirping of birds and a quick trip to the local food store.


Math was never my strong point and made school rather difficult. Politics were never something that caught my attention. I do vote but only because history told me twice that I could not do so. I am a free spirited Piscean that deals with the creative and spiritual things in life. At the end of the day everything else is truly secondary. When I look at issues and try to figure out how I can best be of use, I often find myself wanting to offer the women counsel or thinking of an impromptu musical selection. Knowing yourself is key. No matter how long it takes you to figure it out, make the effort to do so.

Funeral Beverage

As I finished my meal of Belgian Waffles, the waitress sat across from me and told an interesting story. She attended a funeral a few weeks ago with her husband. She found it rather odd that everyone in the room held cups of Starbucks coffee. She inquired as to where the restroom was located and was shocked to find a Starbucks front and center in the middle of the funeral home.
I smiled and said that I remembered when they had proposed such a move.
There is of course something incredibly wrong with this entire scenario. Are we bothered by the fact that Starbucks made a strategic move in tapping into a wide open market or is the fact that people are trying to stay awake at a funeral an issue? The funeral is the one event that no one likes. Its the time to wish the dearly departed a final farewell. Now, we have added comfort with a hot steaming latte with a shot of expresso. The waitress asked me if I thought that the funeral director was getting a kick back; a smile crossed my face again and I said, “yes”.

New Direction

It became necessary for me to switch bedrooms in my home once again. The exercise room had to be demolished in order to accommodate new things. It was not possible for me to watch this part of the process; however, the finished product has brought me such happiness. The new room was painted in a magnificent white. A round table graced the spare room. While Cesaria Evora serenades the household from the computer center, I find myself feeling quite pleased with the changes that have been made. The saying that as doors close, new ones open rings true for me on this day. My daily angel card even mentioned a new direction for me.
There has been a lot of washing, mopping, sweeping and spiritual cleansing over the last 24hrs. There is now a proper space where I can uncover the truths of my spiritual path and assist others to do the same. The sight of my crystal balls in the open is simply breathtaking. The house is rejoicing with me as its energies have been lightened. The only thing that remains is for me to find a new exercise that will make me smile as much as the former one did.