Aug 30


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While my toenails were being painted in a dark purple, the television lit up with new terms: inner boob, outer boob, and side boob. Being a woman that is obsessed with her own outstanding set, these terms were instantly texted to my friends; my cell lit up like a cigarette. […]

Aug 20

Full Blue Moon in Aquarius

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This moon brings a sense of calm in my life. Sleeping has improved and information flows freely. Visions have been more vivid as well as an increased intake of water. The Circle of Sisterhood continues to make progress and business cards are being constructed. It is a time of progress […]

Aug 8

Piscean Power

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My life has suddenly changed its pace. My phone has been ringing off the hook with email notifications fighting for attention. Appointments are appearing faster than what I am aware of and yet the sun is still shining. It is due to the impending doom of work which greets me […]

Aug 7

Happy Formula

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Happiness is something that you should not put off for a future date. The future is not promised to you. What you have in your hands is the present which is what you need to enjoy to the fullest. If there is a passion that simply captures you, pursue it. […]