Hermita de Caridad: PRAYER MOMENT

There was some time for me to kill in between outing yesterday. The famous church was right there. I figured it would be nice if I could have a moment in prayer in such a beautiful environment. The sanctuary soon found me sitting in a pew staring at Caridad del Cobre, Our Lady of Charity. There were only two words that stood out in my mind for myself: love & compassion. Mother figures are able to offer such feelings to us so very well and I thought that this saint would be perfect to petition for such things. However, while my prayers rambled around my mind, there were fabulous things afoot around me.
A man came from the back meditation room, I beleive the sacraments are kept there, and kneeled in front of the altar. He remained on the floor for what seemed to be an eternity. He was in casual attire as was everyone else. The reverence, the faith, the moment…once he arose he saluted the cross and left. He beckoned to his friend in the meditation room. He promptly came out, deposited some cash into a box and left. Families continued to stream into the sanctuary. Mothers made the sign of the cross and directed the childrens’ attention to the saint. They sat in complete silence. Suddenly, a priest appeared in front of the altar and began speaking in Spanish. The people stood and began chanting which I took as my cue to quickly vacate the premesis.
I wandered outside to the ocean and sat for some time simply enjoying the sight of the water. Key Biscayne was off in the distance and my previous performances there crossed my mind. A nun was off to the right talking to a young girl. She reminded me of the nun that my father often talked about. He remembers looking up at his father’s funeral and saw the nun that offered him comfort in grad school. I think that she was dressed in blue. He will never forget her kindness. It is the same way that I will never forget observing how that man in the sanctuary shared his heart with the Lady of Charity.


By this Mercury in Retrograde, I can say that my body is not the same entity that I knew last year this time. I was in the studio training up to 4 times a week and certainly eating better than I do now. These days, I refuse to leave my bed and feel so lazy. Napping has taken on a new meaning over the past week.
The body that was once firming and toning is now more round in nature. Do I feel like a failure you ask? No. It dawned on me that this is a transitional time of healing for me and being physical simply is not in the cards. Instead of working out, other things pop up to entertain me. Carribbean Scrub and Buff is the term. This was my evening appointment at a local spa in Miami Lakes where I made a first time appearance today. While listening to the music and enjoying the atmosphere, there are a few points that were noted. Allow me to review them.


1.) If I do not like the music, it becomes difficult to function. I am the girl in Starbucks that tells them that the music is horrible and it needs to be changed. Once, a coworker received five cds from me just so she wouldn’t play hers anymore. Last week, I informed my chiropractor’s secretary that I would await him outside because the music was absolutely horrible. He sent her to fetch me when he was ready to see me.

2.) It was last Fall when three gray hairs appeared in my mighty afro. Unaware of their presence, I pulled one thinking it was lint and found out otherwise. A trip to my boss’s office found me explaining why I thought that I had gray hairs at such a young age. She almost fell from her chair in laughter, and promptly welcomed me to the club.

3.) The eye doctor informed me on my third visit to him this year that my vision was getting worse. Did the update shock me? No. My parents wear glasses. It was only a matter of time. Besides, I am older. The temple wasn’t going to stay in place forever.

4.) When I go into restaurants, I inform the hostess that I need to be seated away from children. Last year, one walked directly into my posterior. Talk about putting your nose where the sun does not shine….

5.) My desire to do everything under the sun is mentally draining. The drive to work all weekend and wake up first thing on Monday morning to clock in yet again left me a while ago. If I work all weekend now, you can find me chilling on the beach with company.


It was finally time to replace my stolen license. There I was standing behind a man with all of my required documents. An elderly lady was using a rolling walker to get to the door. She was going to need help with the door. The man also realized this and went to hold the door open for her. Unfortunately, she became entangled in the long black rug on the floor. He prompty untangled her and held the door open for her. She looked at him and said, “Thank you my son.” He then followed her outside to her car. I am assuming that he was helping her out there as well. When he returned to the line, he stood behind me. I really wasn’t expecting that.
As I turned to him I smiled and said, “Didn’t you just help that woman by holding the door? That was very kind of you. Don’t you want your original spot in line?” He said yes, if I did not mind to which I responded that I did not. This man was willing to lose his place in line at the DMV a place that is a potential disaster for your nerves, to help this elderly woman whom he did not know. Chivarly lives. One point for mankind.

My Friend is the tallest Person that I Know

The origins of our friendship involve flowers. She made me feel so special with her caring customer service. I gave her flowers for Secretary’s Day, and she did not even work for me. I would imagine it was a shock to receive them from a client that did not even belong to her; however, the truth of the matter was that she had become a reference point of warmth for me. We probably became friends that day. I knew that she was a very special individual but wasn’t sure what made her this way. It wasn’t long before the reasons became crystal clear.
On one random weekday in the Summer of 2012, we were having a conversation. We were still quite new to each other but the comfort level felt as if it lingered from a previous lifetime. I was explaining my desire to have an event for women to come and enjoy sisterhood. A slow steady gaze of interest fell over me. My new friend expressed an interest in attending. It was not long before she did appear at a now memorable circle. It was a night filled with admiration and knowledge. It was the night that her short stature dwarfed everyone in the room.
It was the Fall season. My assistant was working hard on the setup while I greeted women. The waitresses were very kind and attentive to our needs. Approximately ten women attended with my original sister calling to check in on us. Once the lively discussion began after dinner, the conversation took an unexpected turn. The frustation of one woman with her lack of business progress struck a chord with my new friend. She was soon standing in front of everyone as the tallest woman in the room. Everyone sat in awe as she effortlessly shared her knowledge. No one wanted to move in spite of the fact that the hour was growing quite late. No one looked at a cell phone or a watch for fear that the feeling would go away. One would think that it was a rehearsed scene from a movie when in fact it was simply a testimony from a very astute individual. All of us would still be sitting there at IHOP if she did not happen to check her watch to see that it was 1:00am.
The circle did not close that night. We sped home to dive into bed and pray that sandman had not forsaken us. Before my head hit the pillow, my captivating friend received a phone call from me. My words made it very clear that she was being hired as a workshop presenter, and that she had to give me a date when this would be possible. She happily accepted and executed two rather informative presentations on behalf of the Circle of Sisterhood. I have taken formal business classes with experts that have spent many years before standing in front of a group of people with advice. This individual knows as much as they do if not more and she isn’t in her thirties yet.

It is unclear to me if I will ever be able to truly express my admiration for this talented lady. There is no one else like her on earth because the human race would not be able to handle it. While I have told her, perhaps the written word will do a better job of putting my thoughts about her existence into a better perspective. The way she looks at life, the way she analyzes things, and the conclusions that she reaches are far removed from anything that is considered the status quo or common. Why, she even has different looks! She has not yet reached her peak in life. I am fond of referring to her as the talented, the captivating one because she needs to get used to receiving awards.

This elevated person defies limitations and does not accept failure because it simply is not on the list. She is an unforgettable character that keeps me on that lively thrill. She has the vision to look at an individual and see all of the possibilities instead of the downward spirals. Anytime spent with her is a drop of water into the bucket of fun. When she has something to say to you, it is said without hesitation good or bad; this is a speaker of truth. She will no doubt read this and call me while misty as she is a fan of my blog. When she does, a big smile shall cross my face because maybe then I will have expressed my genuine happiness for our friendship. Perhaps I should get tissues now.


It was not the news that wanted; however, it was not a shock. The circumstances dicated long ago that this would be a possibility. As my ears received the words, I just lay there abosorbing what I already knew. My cherished form of physical activity would have to diminish from my life. It simply does not compliment my body structure. Maybe I should light a candle for the predicament of loss.
Since it was already in the schedule, I drove to my family home to visit my mother. Upon arrival, she immediately expressed her dismay about my outfit. She wanted to take me to a restaurant and shorts would not be appropriate;however, I had jeans in my car. After changing, she gave me a beautiful scarf to keep myself warm. It was so very beautiful. Its far exceeded the beauty of any of the scarves in my vast collection which is what I shared with her. Her remark reminded me that she does enjoy shopping a great deal. Before my eyes blinked, there was a car in front of the house being driven by a vaguely familiar individual. My mother climbed inside. I soon followed.
It did not take me long to realize that I was in the company of the Saturday crew that spends time with my mother every single Saturday come rain or shine. She is often out of reach because they are at breakfast or in Ross. Perhaps a party or random church function. The thick Patios ran the length of the car as my body settled into the back seat. My mother soon inquired about the things in my ear.
A stop was made at a home somewhere on the east side of US1. My mother and her friend ventured into the house while I stayed behind in the car to tinker with my cell phone. A nice woman called to me from the house, and my hand greeted her in salutation. She soon followed the two to other women back to the car where she eagerly greeted me again. The gold Star of David caught my attention and prompted me to hop out of the car.
She embraced me with such warmth and joy. I felt quite comfortable asking her about her religious jewelry. It wasn’t long before my reportoire of Jewish music was being shared with her. A smile crossed my face as I returned to the car to be whisked away to yet another location.
The chatter of my mother with her friend was no different from that of teenage girls except for perhaps the content. Fiery outbursts of opinions mixed with laughter made for such an enjoyable scene to observe. Dinner was lovely. Words never escaped my mouth for fear that the scene would be interrupted. I ate entirely too much food and felt fat and happy in this beautiful place. The whole thing reminded me that a lot of what I do is because of the way my mother lives her life. She enjoys the company of her friends and does not stay under the shadow of my father. She is involved in so much during her retirement that it is often difficult to reach her because she is simply doing something for herself in her spare time. In retrospect, her life was filled with making sure that I was a priority. Its nice to see her enjoying things for herself at this stage of the game. I kept admiring her orange outfit that was no doubt purchased on one of those shopping excursions with her friends.
While driving home, my mind wondered out how fortunate I was to be included in such female bonding. My mother included me in her Circle of Sisterhood. Each woman was interesting with an island zest. My presence was welcomed and given a front seat to enjoy and partake in the fun. This is how it should be amongst all women. These are the experiences that shall propel me as progress continues on the Circle of Sisterhood. Why there is a circle this coming Sunday and new women are expected to attend for the Super Moon energy boost. Oh the time we shall have.


I had the most amazing afternoon. It began with lunch with my family in Coconut Grove. All of us looked quite fashionable and the service was very nice. I texted a friend mid meal to inform her that we would be dining there soon. South Beach soon found me combing through a clearance sale again and enjoying a nice chat with the store owner. While returning home, my thirst got the best of me, and I decided to drive a little further to treat myself to a Starbucks cool lime refresher. Its hot outside.
A very nice young man waited on me at the order box. Upon arriving at the window, my eyes locked on the sight of his Hematite & Tiger’s Eye bracelet. This combination was a first for me, and it was on a guy. My steady silent gaze startled him, and he jumped back. He asked if there was a problem which finally prompted me to speak. I told him that I liked his bracelet and asked if it could be touched. He told me how his mother gave it to him for protection. This resonated with me a great deal. My outfit is comprised of several protection amulets today. Why the very friend that received the social text from me mid meal also received the text about the outfit for the meal. My concern was that I wanted to look just right for the lunch with my family; however, I wanted to dress like the voodou woman from The Princess and the Frog. (she described me as that character in one of my pictures so the thought has a special meaning for me.) My presence today was that of a hippie….yes, the shoes fit and I wear them….often…….
While this fabulous young man with the gems prepared my refresher, my inner voice wanted me to hand him my business card. One even appeared in my hands; however, my logical mind got the best of me and soon the car was driving off. HARK! WHAT WAS THAT? The young man was calling me to return to the window to get my caramel frapp…..”I did not order that”. However, there was also a charge on my receipt. He had to refund my money which was going to take a second. Doesn’t it strike you as strange that suddenly I had to spend more time with him when there is something that I did not do?
He has my card now. He thanked me profusely for it. He does not know that he is the cherry in my sundae today, and it is only 7pm.
Follow your first mind. Do not hold back. Your inner voice is your guidance. It is not your imagination. It is your friend. Women in particular are very prone to be in tune with that intuition; however, society teaches us that we are simply wacky or nuts. Well, here I am. That wacky nutty individual that is now able to help people because I chose to embrace what is my nature. People seek my advice on spiritual matters and express their sincere gratitude for my assistance. It makes me feel effective and simply amazing.


Your morning routine serves as the foundation for your day. As you awake to a new beginning, there are many activities that you can partake in that can uplift you and get you started on the right foot. Affirmations, inspirational quotes, or even a song can activate that throat chakra and allow you to hear positive words from the jump. If you wish to remain in silence, you could read an inspirational quote or meditate for a little while. Because I do not love routine, I vary what I include: daily angelic guidance words, meditation, writing; it is often quite common to find me on the porch without shoes staring at the sky. Deep breathing can replenish you while improving your focus. Awakening without the use of an alarm is also a suggestion.
One friend mentioned to me that she doesn’t use her cell phone prior to noon unless there is an absolute emergency: no texting, phone calls, or Facebook. That disconnection from technology is so important when connecting with yourself. This gives you a greater say in how you interact with the demands of life before you are ready to go full blast.
Many people hear whispers or their name being called upon awakening. Angels and spirit guides are able to speak to us very easily at this time because we are not distracted by anything and the doubt factor is low. If you lay in bed for a little while, you may also realize that you had a dream. Keep a journal next to your bed to record any information that comes to you at this time. As the day goes on, it becomes difficult to recall such information which is a part of your divine guidance. Because I dream so much and found other women that are excellent at dream interpreations, I began a DreamWeaver Teleconference within the Circle of Sisterhood. Whenever one of us wants to discuss a dream, we schedule a time when everyone can talk on the phone. The feedback is quite informative and often gives the dreamer more than one perspective on what was happening.
The morning can be a sacred time which is often diminished because most people have to rush to work or get the kids to school. Even if you only have five minutes to dedicate to yourself, use those five minutes of gold to do something that will elevate you. Choose something that speaks to you and use it to your advantage. It can make a huge difference in the flow of your day:)


My life is my glory. Feel the passion. Feel the pain. Every waking moment is an experience on the journey that is my path to walk. Sometimes it is in light, and other times it is in darkness. The difference between walking this journey now is that I own it. Before, it was clouded with the opinions of others and the expectations that were created for me and digested into a meal that upset my stomach. The only way to live with joy is to listen to the dictations of yourself. You are the one writing the story as it unfolds. Every day is a new adventure; each person a new chapter. There will be friends. There will be solitude. Sorrow and joy are two sides of the same joy. You will ultimately give birth in one way shape or form. Death is a promise, but it is not an ending. Once you have an understanding of yourself, embracing that comprehension will work wonders for you and the world around you. It worked wonders for me, and now I can celebrate that by helping others to do the same.


It has been approximately six months since I looked into getting a numerology report completed on my various life cycles. While studying myself, it is important to gather as much information as possible. I felt it was time to finally take care of it due to the fact that my inner circle was saying the same things; when different sources say the same thing, heaven is speaking loudly. After the consultation, I had 86 pgs. worth of information to analyze, highlight, and digest. It needed to be in a book that could be easy to manage.
Office Depot was on my path today; however, the long line discouraged me. I decided to crawl home for a nap and would return later. When I did return, the associate informed me that it would not be possible for me to get the book made today. A pause began when I realized that it would be necessary for me to ask when it could be completed if I expected any further information. While driving on the main road, my mind thought how strange the interaction was. There wasn’t a willingness to accept my money. There was an assumption that my shadow would darken that doorstep again. The decision had been made. Office Max was about to have a new custome in spite of the fact that it was even farther away than office Depot.
The associate asked me a couple of questions. Five minutes later, she returned with my beautiful report in a book. As my card went through the reader, I told her that Office Depot told me to return the next day. She returned my smile and said that the statement made her entire day. The moral of my story is that when I want something, I am going to have it one way or another. Use the resources that are available. My shrewd aquarian friend is fond of saying that you have to use what you have to get what you need. That is the lesson that I learned today.