Jan 18


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It is day number 7 of my no meat strike. While standing in the line at Publix, I was behind a mother with a lot of groceries. There were two little girls in the cart staring at me. Becaause my phone was consuming me, I did not notice that the […]

Jan 10


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It was the very height of the holiday season. The queen mother announced that she would be traveling home to see her ailing sister, an aunt that I knew nothing about. When she said this aloud, I knew that second that I would be on that plane sitting next to […]

Jan 7


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Before the meditation closed, the organizer mentioned his ponderings of love. He tried to understand what love truly was. The only thing that he could conclude was that love was bread to be shared in the outside world. He charged us with taking it and sharing it with others. This […]

Jan 7


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People often wonder if I like them or not. The general rule of thumb is, if I like you, you may know…BUT, if I don’t like you, you will know and so will the rest of the world. Here is some feedback on the situations…. I like you if…… 1.) […]

Jan 4


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If we continue to avoid issues that we do not like to talk about, the issues will continue to be there whether or not we face them directly. I choose to face them directly. It does not mean that I live without fear. It means that I am tired of […]