The damn bottle could not be opened. The wrapping was wound tightly and the corkscrew was jammed. A tall man appeared as the frustration lingered in the air. He gently took a knife to the bottle and scratched off the paper. He then inserted the opener and carefully removed the corkscrew. He then poured me a glass of delicious wine and returned to his drums. In one quick swoop, he used his calm strength to ease a predicament.

She walked into the room to the beat of the music. Her eyes carefully scanned the room looking for her target. As they focused in on one person, the hips began to curve and the torso began to take move. She quickly became the dead center of attention around which the entire gathering revolved. All eyes remained in the palm of her hand.

Both situations have one thing in common. Neither party spoke. Nothing outlandish took place. However, both of them were able to capture the attention of others in a very subtle manner. There is a lesson here. What it learned is left entirely to you:)


I used to fear what people would think about me if they knew about my spiritual practices. It was a secret amongst a certain set of people. I would share my thoughts on the ways of the past and how women flourished prior to society progressing into the New World. It wasn’t until a dear friend pulled me to the side and told me that I should find a platform to amplify my voice as many women would welcome the sound of it. Why should it be kept to a precious few?
Here it is six months later, and I am producing events and gathering women for empowering experiences, spiritual enligtenment, emotional conenctions, and outright fun. This has been the most important thing that I have done this year. My fear of being isolated for what I hold dear has been embraced by many. Encouragement and support have inspired me to continue the work that is closest to my heart. Releasing this has allowed me to help others which makes me extremely happy. I look forward to 2013 and all it has to offer.

Feelings Change

Feelings change. A hot crush can become a mild recognition. A great love can become a nice friendship. Your taste for chocolate cake may turn to vanilla. We are constantly changing within our cycles and thus evolve. This is a natural process. It is important to understand your feelings and honor them. Give yourself room to retreat or flourish depending on your needs.

A Quiet Moment

It was not anything major in my book. The hype surrounding the 12.12.12 day did not include me or my attention. However, I did want to take a minute to pray at that exact moment. What I was able to accomplish was so much more.

I ended up at a beautiful church somewhere in town. The sanctuary was closed, but there was a lovely courtyard where I was able to sit and admire the surrounding nature. It was peaceful. It was quiet. There was no reason to leave in a hurry or even give my thougths to anything but the present moment. All obstacles simply retreated in the quiet solace of the afternoon. My eyes wandered to a large conglomeration of flowers where I soon walked. When I looked up, there she was with her arms outstretched ready to greet me. There was a statue of the Virgin Mary cloaked with a rosary. It was the perfect opportunity for me to pray for the upliftment of myself and others so that we could realize the potential of the new portal that has just opened. The beginning of this new cycle is our awakening to so much more. We have only to tune into it and accept its lessons as we progress further than ever before. As I left the Queen of Angels, I felt lucky to have had such a peaceful experience on this special day.


After a rather eventful Saturday evening, Sunday morning found me rather sleepy. I did not have a desire to venture out into the world yet again. There was a gathering that I wanted to attend but was not sure if I would go. Staying home in the comfort of my own bed combined with the safety of my zone was quite appealing. At the last minute, I decided that there would be nothing ventured by staying in. I dressed in various shades of red with my gorgeous rose quartz necklace and left.

I did not know anyone. No one knew me. The home was covered with crystals for sale. All of them were beautiful. I felt so comfortable in this new space. There was no need to rush without looking at everything at least a million times. I received knowledge and outstanding food. The opportunity to network and connect with other women also presented itself, and I enjoyed the conversations. If I had stayed home, I would have missed all of this. As the weekend closes, I have a new crystal to work with and a new resource to call upon.

Sunday night has fallen and the cars outside have slowed. KCI and JoJo are singing Lately on the radio, and my mind is following the piano in the background. As I prepare for meditation, the sharing of feelings and warm sentiments that have come across during this weekend have been simply wonderful. It is a true gift to be in a position where my sisters feel comfortable reaching out to me to share their observances as me because of a connection. I revel in the love of my sisters and hearing their stories warms my heart. I want to soar high above the earth and feel the radiance of the sun as the wind propels me into greater horizons. I wonder what my week shall bring….


It is important to have that one friend whom you ask those questions. When you awake perplexed about a mass epidemic that really shouldn’t bother you as much as it does, you pick up the phone and call that one person. The one that has an understanding of the world and how you look at it. She knows that you are passionate, vocal, shy, and ecclectic because these are the qualities that she has herself. Because you walk similar paths of being eccentric, she will go back and forth with you on the most insane of subjects. She is the first to throw a red flag and the last to cast a stone. She would never be your maid of honor because she has to plan the wedding. She cracks you up and leaves you gasping for air at her constant comments of how generalized the world has become. When it is all said and done, you thank god that she is in your life and hug her constantly because she is such a wonderful gem of radiant light. Every woman should be lucky enough to have a sister of this nature.


The compliments have been rolling in over the last week or two about my weight loss. I do not have an explanation for it as my workout schedule has been quite light; however, I have been preparing three meals daily for about two months now and try to watch what I eat. Apparently, its working. Ever since the Pilates leaned me out in 2009, I was always afraid that I would blow back up without a torturemaster being over me every two seconds. Fortunately for me, I have found a formula that works for my body; nutrition and fitness truly do go hand in hand.

The surroundings in which I are a consideration as well. I eat in silence or listen to very light music so as not to disturb my digestion process. Pausing over the food prior to consumption ensure that the proper energy is being taken in. Each morsel is tasted and relished prior to being swallowed. I have also been told that I like to arrange the food a certain way on my plate so that I can happily partake in my meal which often lasts a minimun of thirty minutes.

Ginger and mint teas are kept on hand to aid in the digestion process and probiotics are always in effect to help my flora and fauna. I stretch more often in the course of a week. When it is time to workout, it is a requirement for my body to sweat so that calories can be burned. This healthy version of me is quite different from the me of about four years ago.

I would eat anything from anywhere: fast food, large portions, coffee with fattening syrups, and late meals and snacks were a regular part of my days. Candy and desserts were my best friends. They were to me what minutes are to an hour; constant companions. In retrospect, I did not know how unhealthy my eating was. Why, I even treat myself to organic meals after working out these days. Change can bring about the most wonderful aspect in a woman’s life.


It is important to take the necessary steps to protect and maintain yourself. We are often the targets of stimuli from various targets. A lot of it is not pleasant and can cause subtle changes within you that linger into massive destruction. Something as simple as email or even an unpleasant phone call can turn a person into a heaving wreck.

Be aware of yourself. Tune into your needs and understand your limitations. If you have to take a moment for yourself on a daily basis, do so. If you have to lengthen those moments due to rather stressful situations, there is nothing wrong with that. Prayer in the middle of a crisis can do wonders for clarity with guidance often being provided on the spot. Never leave home without your protection be it your cross or favorite crystal; I personally like to use both. Extremely sensitive people tend to have various levels of protection for any given predicament that can strike in the course of a day. A popular remedy for energy shifting is spiritual bathing with many recipes being available on the internet.

Always know what makes you happy so that you have immediate resources avaialble to you. When you are overwhelmed or struck with a heavy mood, you need an instant healing and will not have the wits to research. Many women enjoy some form of dance as a regular therapy while others prefer to shop in the malls. Whatever works for you is what you should use. I once planned an impromptu Happy Hour and had smiling happy people around me for hours; it worked wonders for me.

You always want to be aware of how you can properly release anything that is within you that is hurting you. Pain is always a good indication. That tightening in your stomach before you speak to a certain individual or that pesky headache that suddenly appears whenever you go to a certain location. These are not imaginary feelings. They exist and serve as your warning system. Listen to what is being said to you. Honor your feelings and thus honor yourself and those around you that matter the most.