The Vagina IV: Maintenance and Upkeep

Pluck. Shave. Design. Blood. Itchy. Wax. Tweeze. Every woman is familiar with these words in relation to her sacred yoni part. Each woman has a different approach to her secret place. Some have standing waxing appointments for the entire enchilada while others yet prefer the raging bush of the jungle. Its a matter of preference really. The mere mention of a beach outing or an intimate night can often send a woman into a trimming fit. What some find natural and appealing sends others into a tantrum. Where did all of this originate? It could be concluded that men’s fantasies have played a role into this scenario. Women often consult their significant others of their preference when it comes to this subject. I prefer to consult my own preferences when it comes to my body but to each her own. There is even speculation that some shave it into designs and add dye. While that is a bit much for my own personal taste, art is to be placed on a high level. Whatever the punany regimen of the female, the maintenance and upkeep of the almighty pussy is a full time job.


Sometimes, you hurt yourself…and you wish that someone could be there to hold your hand. You just want to be that little girl that is still inside of you. However, you are grown and there is no one else around. That is when you can tap into the warmth that has suddenly overtaken you. You may even see a color. That is the presence of an angel letting you know that your hand is being held, you are now being hugged with wings…and you are never alone. XXOO

Jophiel Moment

It was a week ago today. I found out that I am a conservative dresser. This was a startling revelation for me. It was no surprise that Archangel Jophiel made a very strong appearance yesterday. She is no doubt here to assist me with my concern. There are some things that I wish to beautify and the assistance has arrived:)

My fashion style features long skirts and dresses with a revealing top here or there. Since my major weight loss in 2009, I left jeans in the distance since they were too big for me. Now, I see that a pair of jeans would be really nice to own and maybe some shorts just for casual wear. I feel the need to add some spice to my attire. My friends are always telling me to do something with my sexiness. I have worked hard on my physical fitness and deserve to share my sculpture. Why, I never wear make up either…

The people at the show last week were bedazzling in chic wear that was short and fun. It made me wonder if this was an element that I could add to my closet. My inner girl wants to come out and play dress up. I don’t know the last time that I bought new clothes for myself and the sweat pants that I like to sport are also too big for me now.

It is due to Jophiel’s recent presence that all of this began to sort itself out in my mind. Perhaps she wants me to spend more time on my appearance so that I can exude all sides of myself. This shall be an interesting journey for me.

When I was in high school, a friend introduced me to a friend of hers and the three of us began hanging out together. This new friend of mine was always dressed in a rather stylish manner, and I really loved it. It made me create outfits for when I was hanging out with them. Our mutual friend soon exclaimed that she was in the company of supermodels and asked us for fashion tips. Well, I need to tap my inner fashionista. Any ideas?


Each person has a guardian angel. This is the angel that stays with us for the duration of our lifetime. There are other angels that walk with us as well but this is the one that is always present watching over us awaiting the opportunity to guide us. I know the name of my guardian angel but this evening was the first time that I have ever felt as if I truly connected with this messenger of god.

This full moon has been quite powerful and has affected my emotions. However, I have also chosen to connect with the strong energies and decided to meditate with the hopes of truly exploring the spiritual realms. The Pyramids of Giza soon appeared and next thing I knew, Ganasha made his happy face present. He reminded me that he was around to help remove obstacles from my way. The earth is surrounded by light and lots of angel wings. Then there it was…my beautiful guardian angel.

This divine messenger spent some time with me reminding me that the presence is always by my side protecting and encouraging me on my way. I have only to call silently and the help is there for me. This was not a fleeting moment during the meditation but a great deal of time. It was beautiful to experience.

I am a regular person that walks the earth. If I can connect with all of the resources that the universe provides for us, anyone can. We only have to possess the desire to know that they are out there for us if we choose to reach out to them. It is with great love that I wish all of you a Happy Hunter’s Moon.


I have never done a formal prayer for others before but felt the need to do so today. I gathered prayer requests from the Circle of Sisterhood and put together a ceremony of prayer for their needs as well as my own. It brought me great joy to do so.

Sage was used to invite being of light into the sacred space. Quartz crystals were used in the pyramid as well as a rock formation. A white prayer candle was placed in the middle. I wrote down three words to summarize each request and asked the universe to assist the desires of each woman into manifestation. I soon began improvising on my harp to lend melodic vibrations to the air while enhancing the prayers. Afterwards, I received messages via meditation and shared them with each sister. It brought me a great deal of joy to execute this on their behalf.

It is my belief that in order to truly receive a blessing myself, I must use my gifts for the advancement of others. It is in service to my sisters where I feel the most effective and fulfillment. The heartfelt appreciation does so much for me. Walking with the knowledge that I was able to do something to benefit another woman is so enriching.

As we continue to work together to bring the return of the divine feminine, the masculine energy will slowly fall into its proper place: in a proper balance with the feminine energy. All of us are connected and can truly make our world better by uniting and staying connected.


At the final hour, I decided to get all dolled up and catch the EWO show in Hollywood. I did not intend to stay long since it is the middle of the week, and I have just gotten back to sleeping regurlarly. While I was expecting to have a glass of wine and eat food, neither of those things happened.

Instead, I found myself driving home in search of food. Wendys looked good, but the line was long. McDonalds was tempting but all of the preservative warnings from Facebook crept into my head. Publix appeared on the horizon just as a torrential downpour, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy, decided to do its worst. Finally, I gave up and surrendered to cooking yet another meal. It wasn’t long before I happily enjoyed steamed mushrooms with garlic. My tea is seeping as we speak. I shall add organic honey to it momentarily.

One of my friends took a picture with me at the show. I address her as the natural goddess as she only eats veggies and wears her hair in the most beautiful locks that I have ever seen. She mentioned that I had lost weight. While my exercise regimen has been light, I have made it a point to watch what I eat. It is not easy for me since I do not like to cook and do not fancy myself a picky person when it comes to food. My water intake could be better and the probiotics are not as regular as I would like. I also do not turn down dessert as a rule. EVER!

In the process of trying to take care of myself, there are some things that I try to keep in mind:
1.) If it goes in, it must come out.
2.) I am what I eat. If I do not want to look like a fried cheeseburger, I better not eat one.
3.) Sleeping at night is important. When my body does not have it, it fights with my mind. This is then called an internal war.

4.) Exercise can be a brisk walk to the store or a thirty minute boogie with my shadow. As long as I sweat, there is hope.

5.) I always try to vent my frustrations to a listening party.
6.) I surround myself with positive people and those that show me proper examples of living by doing it themselves.

7.) Tea and Shea Butter are important in my life.
8.) Prayer changes things. It does not have to be elaborate or in a specific place. It must be heartfelt.

9.) Solitude and meditation are requirements of life…
10.) Always have a bottle of wine ready in the event a sister wants to pop over…..

One day, maybe I will write about relationships but do not hold your breath…

What is Left

Sometimes, the process of going through the motions when you have no other choice, can leave you feeling numb. The ho hum drum of daily life can be wrought with being rushed and overwhelmed with too many demands from sources that are not on the top of your list. Isolation and desparation may also rear their ugly heads. How does one add a subtraction sign to this equation?

It is important to focus on what is important. As long as I am working towards an ultimate goal that has meaning to me, it puts the entire picture into perspective. I am not looking to win a battle because the war is the end result; there is where the victory is of the utmost importance.
My goal is to transition into a career that is rewarding to me on all levels.

Before this day, I do not think that I realized how much this change would consume my entire life. Sacrifices on all levels have to be made. The change alone is a full time position in itself. Tweaking resumes and networking are constant efforts especially while trying to maintain regular responsibilities at work and home.

I have also learned the hard way that there are many people that do not agree and oppose the mere thought of leaving a career behind or retalliate to venting of the situation. Some people have truly hurt my feelings with some of the most horrible comments. However, how could they truly know what I am experiencing without being in my shoes? It doesn’t help when those closest to me state that I should be thankful to be employed and to remember how hard it is to get a job elsewhere…what would I do? (Lesson learned: understand that you can not vent at large…..)

It is true. I should be thankful that I have a job, and it did take me a long time to figure out what to do. The fact of the matter is that the lessons learned from my job will help propel me into the next chapter of this story, and I am thankful for maintaining what will be my background one day. Since finally coming to a conclusion as to what I should do with myself, I have chosen to not broadcast it to the world lest discouraging words are thrown at me like daggers. Positive company is needed at this time as this is not an easy road to tread.

Fortunately for me, the universe has been watching. Information and people have suddenly appeared to help me along the way. The Career Transition card from my oracle deck appeared this morning much to my delight, and I posted it in the LadySpeaks fb group. The Business Reflections Workshop covered how one can begin to plan an exit strategy. My pen was quick to copy all of this information because one thing is evident. Either I do something drastic or I will continue to be here looking for ways to deal with a situation that grows worse by the seconds. Some days are better than others with today being in the others category.

In the meantime, I have found myself wanting to stretch more while wearing my black and white leg warmers because they are funny looking. Just when I think that I want some company, a friend calls for tea. This week was suppossed to be quite busy with an event happening every night clear into next week. That has also changed, and I now forsee myself working diligently on my homelearning assignment from the workshop. My mind must stay calm if I am going to be able to focus on keeping myself in one piece while dealing with everything at once. Candles help and so will dancing. I have taken to cooking interesting meals with green veggies and have enjoyed a long period of silence this evening. Tomorrow is another day, and my bed chambers are calling me.


When a woman is in her natural element, everything else fades into the background as the spotlight focuses on her. This is what happenes whenver Lacey begins to speak about her passion for business. It happened during the last circle as she reached out to a fellow sister about her artistic endeavors and again during her informative workshop last night. At 5’4 she can command any platform and speak endlessly about what drives her on a daily basis.

As she began college, it was her intent to study to become a secondary English teacher since she has a great love for literature. However, as a participant in life, she ended up in marketing where she excelled beyond her wildest dreams. While working for different companies, she was able to see what worked vs. what did not work for customers. She gained a vast knowledge of basic marketing research. Ultimately, she realized that she wanted to be in charge of her own company which spawned Parlor Print.

I have witnessed how a beautiful yellow glow engulfs this woman as she shares her wisdom about what she does and how she does it. Words flow like ink from a pen as she shoots pointer after pointer to her clients and students. Her soft spoken voice does not warn you of the amount of power that she holds. One of the most important things that she shared during her workshop was that a person should not wait to be validated when on a mission. This should be shouted from mountains around the world. We will welcome Ms. Hudson again at the end of November at which time she will present, Business Reflections II: “Marketing”.

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