Sep 29


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She emerged fearless. She glowed a bright yellow. Her knowledge dropped with expertise, experience, and a confidence that defies most people. She held the entire room for over an hour. All of the sisters were held in captivation. No one could move. No one could speak. Time stood still. Nothing […]

Sep 20


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As I took my walk before sunset, I saw a young woman lighting a cigarette at a bus stop. This scene brought many thoughts to my mind. How old were you when you began doing this, and is this something that you plan to continue doing? Do you know how […]

Sep 20


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It was the week before work was suppossed to resume. I was still dealing with the aftermath of my accident and now the reality of being stressed out again was quickly dawning on me. My cell phone rang. It was a man that knew my name. He requested a meeting […]

Sep 15

Mama Watta Has Returned

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Monday, July 13, 2009 at 3:14pm · I am home from Egypt. Prior to leaving, I knew that this was not going to be a vacation but more of an experience. I was able to realize a complete cultural immersion to its fullest extent for the past 2wks. My reality […]

Sep 14


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Friday has finally come to my rescue and saved me from the hellatious routine of work. My slow weekend is pulling in like a gentle breeze. I look forward to some smooth jazz and wonderful company coupled with intense workouts. Something did cross my mind, and I decided to do […]

Sep 13

Remember your Resources

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Frantic. Aggravated. Amazed. Traffic. Combat. Wine. Dark bitter chocolate. Coffee. Sleep. These are the words that come to mind when I think about this day that I have had. I normally do not say much to the powers that be about the aggravations that I must endure under their leadership. […]

Sep 11


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It began with a cup of coffee. Then two slices of chocolate lava cake slipped in. A supreme pizza appeared. The next thing I knew, it was time to taste wine; white and red. The coffee was a sign. I had given up coffee as a regular thing years ago […]