This was the most interesting circle to date due to the random events that in truth were actually connected. As the sisters gathered in the circle, a random man presented himself while speaking in a foreign language. He insisted on lighting our candles for us. He burned himself. He went so far as to light a candle in his shirt despite our pleas not to burn his face off. This process continued throughout the evening. Once the candles lit up the night sky, the fun began.

Little girls began to invade us. One little girl felt the need to run over at least twice to say hello. She would always pause before leaving again. Another little girl was hooping with her family right next to our circle. She came to inquire about our candles. I answered her as I found her curiosity to be quite timely. Even a mother that seemed to be nursing her baby was drawn to our circle and spent some time in admiration.

The four of us were quite taken by the awesome sight of the Blue Moon. It was full and had a pleasing aura. Under this potent sight, we bonded with long stories of life. We were together in those moments which now live in our hearts. All of us commented on how connected we felt being together in the circle sharing our feelings and our lives. The sounds of the not so distant drums kept us entranced while the flames flickered. There was one woman that danced with wreckless abandon and complete joy. Had it not been for the time at hand, I gladly would have joined her as her hips defined the beat of the drum and the foreign words that accompanied it. She felt the energy of the celestial body and gladly translated that emotion through motion.

This was a very special night indeed. I am happy to say that I was able to share information that I penned regarding astrology as oppossed to my normal research quotes. It was more authentic for me and gave me a great sense of joy to uplift my sisters as they received the blessing of the ocean and the beauty of being sisters. We were proud happy women tonight. I look forward to being in that space again.


Once you have reached the state of Bruhaha, things have escalated from the minute. Bruhaha will require the presence of another person either serving you chocolate lava cake from Dominoes or a nice tall glass of Moscato. This is the level of a situation where things have spun completely out of control after you have taken your minute, and now you just do not want to kill anyone. You request the presence of the cake slicer or wine pourer, and allow the festivities to begin. Some of you will recognize this as the former Jerry Springer Brunch or the newly installed Instant Happy Hour.


This situation can occur at anytime on any day. It once happened in Victorias Secret because I found the sweet smelling glittery lotion, and I welled up. Most of the time it happens because of something hilarious that someone shares with me. My reactions have run the gammut when this minute is called: rolling on the floor as tears run down my face, pouting in the corner, silence before an outburst of laughter that lasts a good 5-10 minutes, or simply refraining from conversation for 2-3 days. I beleive that this minute keeps me somewhat sane and assists in my attempting to maintain balance and proper order in my life. The last thing that I need is to become bruhaha.


After I found myself, my life changed drastically. People that I thought were friends turned out to be the biggest enemies and had to be released from my life. It was one of the best things that could have happened for me. A new body had emerged and a sound sense of self took over. The longing in my heart for a better understanding of what was missing had finally been found after thirty some odd years and it all started with a photo shoot for new business cards. The journey has been an amazing one and the traveling continues. The one thing that hasn’t changed is my career(this career shall remain nameless for now).

For about four years now, I have been very unhappy. Most times, I did not even know what to do about it because I felt trapped with no where to turn. Many a day came when I would just burst into tears on the way to work. It did not help when I was constantly being told that I should be thankful for my job or many people would love to be in my shoes. My health began to diminish as my body began to reject what no longer suited me. The time came for me to seek professional help in the form of career centers, the library, and other people that had made successful transitions. I joined career groups on Facebook. I took assessments and business classes in the hopes that I could better understand my different sources of income. I even requested a radio show about this very topic and got it. The outline that I created with my reflections was so wonderful that I am considering presenting it as a workshop..(stay tuned for details).

During the summer, I received a very good suggestion. I had a hidden passion that was only shared with certain people. Well, the suggestion was to find a way to share that passion with everyone on a loud platform. Do not be afraid to speak my mind and tell the world. The beginning of that was this blog. The physical part of it is the Circle of Sisterhood. The rewards have been amazing. My life has been enriched, clarity has come to me, and I feel as if my path is a big open road leading to my true life purpose. Topics that I used to keep to myself are now the very things that women call me on the phone about. I execute workshops, facilitate the circles, and provide feedback during readings. I am a fortunate Lady.

In spite of all of this, I was not going to write about career transitions until this morning. My newest friend is very special to me, and I do not think that she knows that yet; but she will soon:) She gave me some very sage advice this morning. My ears focused on her words because they stemmed straight from her heart. Since she had already been in this very situation, she stood in a place of great knowledge and freely gave me her pearls of wisdom. The most important thing that I took from the conversation was the sisterly love that I felt. There is support for my feelings of being misplaced and longing to move on. It shall happen according to the master plan. My heart is open to the needed change, and I work towards fulfillment in this particular arena.

In the meantime, my message from this post is simple: hone your talents. If you have a hidden passion, this is the time to reveal it to yourself or even the world. No matter how small you may think it is, others may benefit from what you consider second nature. As you give, you too shall truly receive on an entirely different level. A level of clarity, a level of purpose…a true heartfelt connection to the universe.


It is covered most of the day. It is under us where we can’t see it. When it is examined, our feet have to be put in stirrups so the infamous gynocologist can get the best view. A lot goes on in there without the insertion of any body part. Sometimes, it becomes infected with yeast or bacteria. For those of you that are special, you may get a nice combination of both which then causes the gyn to prescribe a strong cocktail of sorts to stick in your twat. I am about to paint the picture where insult is added to a very uncomfortable injury.

You are already itchy. You are taking the creams and popping the pills. You are avoiding everything including: sex, waxing, sweets, coffee, and alcohol; yes, the angel of death is near. Then your poor clueless boyfriend says to you, “Maybe if we do it without the condom it will get better….”. Do you hear an explosion of gunfire in your head?

Many of you are in the practice of sleeping without underwear just to give the special present time to breathe and enjoy itself. It never gets enough air. Plenty of water is also good for its self marination. If you can avoid the overeating of sweets, large consumptions of coffee, and happy hour, the chances of you getting a yeast infection should be lowered. Just remember that nature has a sense of humor. Did you know that you can have an infection while your moontime is in effect? Yes, you too can experience higher levels of discomfort. The creams are not necessarily the best for the vjj either; however, who can blame a girl for wanting to cure the symptoms immediately and working on the cause later.

There were Three

Before my car trouble last night, I saw a sight that has not been in my vision for a long time. I saw three ladies of the night. They were not dressed in a manner that would indicate that they were selling themselves for petty cash. As a matter of fact, I was alerted to their presence. I was wondering why one of them was walking down the street in the pouring rain in shorts at that length. They looked homeless and displaced. I couldn’t help but wonder how this became their occupation.

In the land of the free, equal opportunities are not always given to everyone. Without the proper support, it is possible for a person to make bad choices and wind up in undesirable situations. Any number of pathways could have led these women to cheap labor on the street.
My question is how could this have been prevented? How can this be prevented in the future?
Are we failing somewhere in our society where some women feel the need to sell their precious bodies for a nickel?

The sight of her there on the corner with those tatterred shorts was puzzling because of the torrential down pour. This was not the glamor of the Bunny Ranch. This was an average girl in her twenties that looked as if she could stand a good meal and a blanket. She was just there in that meloncholy scene of unending water awaiting a cash wielding patron. Where is her family? Isn’t there anyone that cares enough about her to say, “Sweetheart, there are other ways?”
I know that women have the right to choose what they will and will not do with their bodies contrary to the opinion of the Republican Party; however, were options in place for these marginalized individuals?

When my car broke down, I was able to call for help. I was able to pray for protection and patience as I awaited the tow truck. As friends realized what happened to me, concern began to stream in throughout the day. The vehicle is ready to be picked up. There hasn’t been any great disruption to my life. Was there anyone there for this girl to call? Where is her higher power to come to her rescue? What about the other two? Why was the one in the dress just standing there trying to primp her hair when she should have been asleep inside a warm home? I had a nice cup of hot tea with honey this morning for breakfast. Did these women have a body part shoved down their throats as their most important meal of the day?

Those were women that I saw last night, sisters. There are programs that target those that choose to help themselves and perhaps those programs need more marketing and additional funding and the list continues. There really isn’t much that I can do about that memory of her there on the corner in the rain except this….

Always extend the hand of friendship. We do not know the personal troubles that people face on a daily basis and your one hello or that friendly smile could be the one thing that keeps them from going off the deep end. If you pray, pray for those that did not have the support or the guidance to make better choices for themselves. If you have a problem, do not suffer in silence; seek help from an appropriate source. No woman is an island. Life can be very rough sometimes but there are ways, there are resources to help with whatever the problem is. There is at least one person that you know that cares more about you than you will ever know and would want to be there for you when your world is turned upside down. Be thankful for what you have and what you will have. These women are obviously operating on less than what most take for granted, such as proper clothing for the brutal elements.

There were three of them last night that came across my path. What about the others that I do not see? What is to become of them?

Dear Issac, really?

There I was at the middle of a torrential rainstorm courtesy of Tropical Storm Issac. My destination was sixty one miles away, and my newly restored vehicle decided to have issues and leave me stranded on the highway. It was dark, and I was all alone. There was no one that I could call to come to my rescue except for AAA. Did I remember to renew my membership? I took a moment to connect to the loving energy of Archangel Michael, and then began my mission to find assistance.

AAA said that a tow truck would be on its way within thirty minutes. I was thinking at least two hours because of the rain. While I waited, I tried to analyze how this situation happened to me as large trucks raced passed me in the wet darkness. A calming effect settled around me and peace became mine to hold and understand. I was not alone. The tow truck came very quickly. The driver was very nice, and there was a pleasant woman sitting in the front seat. We chatted all the way down the I-95.

Now that I am safely at home, the rain is redefining the earth along with the howling wind. This situation could have had a different ending. My tea is seeping, and my toe socks are warming my feet. I belive that perhaps this was another way of slowing me down so that I can better analyze my life and what truly needs to take place. While I do not approve of the timing or the manner in which it took place, I am thankful for the protection and care that was provided during this trial.

Conclusion: Even in the midst of a storm, life will continue and trouble can arise. However, there are ways that you can manage the greatest of difficulties. Learn what they are and put them to great use. I did this early morning and have stayed awake to share its success. Your desired outcome may not happen the way that you want it, but it will happen right on time for your benefit.

Dear Issac

As I sit in front of my computer on a Saturday night, my mind reflects on the transition back to work and how eventful the week was. I have not had a lot of time for myself and have enjoyed my chance to finally exist without the insane madness. The impending weather seems to have affected much of the normal activity and people seem to be in a huff over a natural happening.

A hurricane is a nautral phenomena. It brings about change to the environment. I think of it as a destructive force that will cause the ultimate in recreation. The earth will be blessed with much needed rain for our crops to produce nourishing food for our bodies. Heavy winds will blow seeds to the four corners of the earth thus causing life in places where it did not exist before. The skies will be gray as a balance to the sun to which we are so accustomed. It will make us appreciate it the warmth that much more when it returns.

Many of us will be confined indoors without the normal excuse of work or appointments to separate us from bonding as families. I venture to say that many babies will be conceived over the next three days or so. New life in the universe is always an awesome event. This would be a wonderful time to attend to that extra hour of sleep that you have been needing or attempting that meditation that always escapes you. Because today was slower than my week, I was able to reach out to my wonderful sisters that perhaps needed to hear from me. I am grateful to have extended the hand of friendship because I received warmth in return.

As for the coming storm, I welcome the opportunity to slow down. It will be a time to just enjoy the myself and better understand the forces of nature. It reminds me of my vacation of slow living without the hectic pace of work interrupting my thoughts or attempts at healthy living. Now, I have already lost my probiotics and seem to be out of water. So it is with the trials and tribulations of trying to maintain balance in a world that runs rampant with negativity. I mentioned the forces of nature….

As I drove home last night from a rather productive meditation, the weather was horrible. The heavens opened and released water from damns that are unknown in this dimension. The electric show was also quite a production; it was worth money. I wasn’t threatened by all of this; however, that was prior to the sole lightning bolt that decided to strike the earth on the other side of the highway. No human should have to experience the proximity of such heat. The awesome power was a testiment to the fact that there is a superior officer in charge of us all. We are simply inhabitants of a place that we are borrowing. It was terrifying and beautiful all at once. I do not know if I would repeat the experience, but I welcome its lessons.

As I sit here typing away on a quiet Saturday night, I hope that people come together in a loving way this weekend. May of next year should have obstetricians running around like chickens without heads. Bond with each other. Share the warmth. Bask in the love. Nature is going to run her course whether or not we get all bent out of shape that it may rip off our roof. Be prepared to remain safe..but maybe, you could turn off the lights before the power goes out and enjoy that bottled water next to someone special.