I recently joined a group on Facebook that is called: I BLAME DISNEY FOR MY HIGH EXPECTATIONS IN MEN. While thinking about the concept of this name, I realized that all of these wonderful Disney movies that we watched as children did not help us deal with reality. How did this fairy tale of Prince Charming get started and why are we still falling for it? Why are we groomed for it?

“You have to take care of your hair so that you can attract the attention of a young man…..”

“If you want children, you should really start now…”

“Well, have you given any thought to settling down?”

“You want to find someone to complete you…”

“You take the last name of the man to honor him…”

“What do you think your role in this family is?”

“How do you expect to get married if you can’t cook!”
(I WILL MARRY A CHEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

During some weddings, the educational backgrounds of the couple are mentioned. It would seem as if getting married is given equal footing with a degree…..what? How? Is the marriage ceremony now the equivalent of a graduation ceremony, a major accomplishment that you have for your resume? “Oh, you are to be commended for picking a good mate to father your children and support you.” What about simply celebrating the fact that a strong connection has been made to another human being? (which should be done on various levels and not reserved just for an expensive wedding.)

Where does this notion of the beautiful blushing maiden being rescued by her strapping Prince Charming originate? Disney even has a wedding package that sells this concept. Anita Baker has a song about this illusion, and it is more accurate about what happens in real life. Forever is a long time. It is not necessarily a magical thing. Getting along with another person in a sacred union is not always a walk in the park. It takes work, time, and dedication. It isn’t always filled with lush beautiful colors and glass slippers. More often than not, you will probably break your heel. When do we graduate from this fairy tale line of thinking into, I shall prepare myself for the sake of my own personal fulfillment?

Instead of singing, “Someday My Prince Will Come”, I would rather slay some dragons myself. Instead of “Wishing for the One I Love”, I would like to love my own life. Why do I have to style my hair according to what a man may or may not like? What about me? I need to like it. Its my hair on my head, and I am paying for it. When the now famous, “YOU COMPLETE ME” was uttered, I think the fairy tale line of thinking was extended. Now, there is a movie reference for life: you need a mate to complete you and make you whole because you are considered incomplete without your other half. I want to throw myself off a cliff.

Half. Whole. Each person has dualities: masculine and feminine. It is bad enough that the world emphasizes the masculine which has damaged us on a whole. Women have grown away from their natural selves and pass this inflated nonsense on to the next generation. Even worse than that, many of us accept just the yang as our own approach to life. Example: Sex. Yes, I am going there.

How many of us thought that just getting access to sex was everything that we wanted? If I can just have some dick, I will be fine. Did anyone tell you about the clitoris or that most women can’t orgasm with just vaginal intercourse? Was the clitoris mentioned when you learned about how a woman gets pregnant? Well, if a woman isn’t aware of how to please herself…what am I referencing? Masturbation. If a woman doesn’t know how to please herself and relies on the typical gas station method of a man…you know, pulls in, fills up and leaves…how does she ever get satisfied? There is an entire industry dedicated to helping the woman find her own hot spots so that she can enjoy sex on the highest tantric level. However, if she was encouraged to explore herself instead of thrown at a man like a fish to a whale, she may have greater levels of sheer bliss without paying a sex therapist.

There is something to be said about a return to the way things where, a more traditional approach. Women used to console each other not fight on television like boxers. We are natural healers that understand the herbs in the garden that we tend not pill popping machines. It used to be that we understood our intuition, our inner guidance without it being blocked by the loud obnoxious influences of the world. Our Moon Time was considered sacred. The grandmother used to be in the center of the society not in the nursing home tucked away in the corner. Yes, as I tweet on my IPHONE, the words do talk about the divine, the feminine. Yes, as I type on my FACEBOOK timeline, the subject is about the women’s’ circle that I am organizing.

It was just earlier today that I was told that I know something about teas…all of us know about teas. I have taken to sharing them with my friends because I believe in their power to heal our ailments. They were the original medicine. They grew freely in our gardens and we boiled them for various reasons. There wasn’t a prescription or even a physical. If you had nausea, you gathered some mint and drank it. End of story.

Back to Cinderella and company. These entertaining tales of Prince Charming have gone way beyond their scripts. I am not saying that Prince Charming doesn’t exist. He could be right around the corner. Its just that a life should not be groomed just to find out if he is. There is so much to experience as a woman on this planet. The journey is often quite beautiful and rather fulfilling. I just think that many aspects of true living are missed when we fall for that Happily Ever After line over and over again. My tea is ready.

Simbiya: Raks Chakra/Inner Vision Photography/Goddress Collection


“Women should honor the energetic circle around them by wearing a dress or a skirt. Let’s bring the feminine healing power back to this planet..”~Mother Nature

The sacred circle was broken long ago through the overuse of pants and the heightened insistence of masculinity thus causing societal imbalances. Because of her background in photography and Raks Chakra, Simbiya felt the need to inspire femininity in women while retaining a sense of comfort and elegance. Ultimately, her artistic healing vision promotes women in their natural divine form.
The Goddress Collection is inspired by Simbiya’s personal belief that every woman is a goddess. The collections embody the energy of the divine feminine that women carry within themselves. The clothes are inspired by goddesses from around the world to bring out the best in what each individual woman has to share with the universe.
The dresses can be customized to suit your personal needs or choose one from one of the divine collections. The fabrics are chosen with an artistic eye with an insistence on comfort and unique style. Certain goddresses feature healing crystals for specific purposes. Each piece receives Reiki from Simbiya so that the gentle energy still resonates while the goddess wears it. Goddesses around the world are glowing in them each day as the popularity for this creation is rapidly growing. New goddresses are created daily in order to meet the needs of the worldwide clientele and to inspire universal healing. Order your Goddress today and connect with your goddess.

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Beatriz “Simbiya” Ricco has spent over a decade in the field of photography. She was born in Brazil and has lived all around the world. As a shy teenager, she found a voice in photography because it did not demand words. This international language allowed her to travel and then share the world with others. Her talent & sensitivity were recognized, and she decided to pursue formal training. She graduated from the Institute of Fort Lauderdale, FL, where she spent many years working and honing her craft.
Her captivating images have received countless awards, and her work has been featured in exhibitions all around the world. Her pictures convey a wordless poem that goes beyond the aesthetic and captures the communication of the soul. She specializes in portraits, nature, events, fashion, and travel documentaries.
Simbiya always meets the needs that are not spoken aloud which led to the creation of Inner Soul Photography. It manifested into an artistic conversation of universal truths. These focused photo sessions blend her artistic sensitivity with her awareness of mystical & esoteric arts using digital photo technology. It is her intent to execute a psychic reading of sorts through the emotions that she is able to capture. Such content is normally beyond the scope of the naked eye. The finished product is unique to reflect the chosen subject matter and often provides the client with more information than what was previously known.

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Beatrice is known for her ability to capture more than a picture while creating something innovative and memorable. If you are in need of her unique talents, please feel free to contact her. Your special requests are handled with the highest level of care and creative attention.

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White bridal dress. Tears. Runner. Bridal Party. String quartet. Cake. Family. Unity candle. These are some of the things that come to mind when I think about a wedding. I have seen more than my fair share of them in my day. There are the million dollar affairs where the wedding coordination team operates everything like a military unit down to the two people that show up in a chapel in jeans. Different strokes for different folks. However, one question always pops in my mind. Is it a wedding that is desired or a marriage?

The typical wedding puts the bride in the spotlight. Yes, families come together to celebrate their union through love and presents are bestowed upon the happy couple. Although the groom may begin the whole production by proposing, it is the bride that is given the most attention on that day. She is kept hidden and fussed over which sometimes causes emotions to run out of control. Many a bride is allowed to make unreasonable demands which then turns everyone into a ranting raving lunatic until some brave soul is able to control the situation. No one wants an unhappy bride thus people prance around to please her: hair stylist, make-up artist, nail tech etc. Oh the stares of the lovely lady in virginal white. The dress costs a fortune, and she has been on a diet for years. Let us not leave out the sign of the times: the moment she changes her relationship status from engaged to married.

The tossing of the bridal bouquet is taken quite seriously in many circles. Sometimes, women are not as nice to each other while leaping through the air to catch the floral symbol of you are next to wed. What is the rush? Could it be the old standby of the biological clock is ticking? Is it the assumption that we are suppossed to be married by some magical number? Where did all of this originate?

As the divorce rate looms out of control, one wonders if people are truly paying attention to the officiant during the ceremony. It is normally said aloud that marriage isn’t a union which should be entered into lightly. Careful thought should be put into the joining of hands. Now, is it the joining of hands that gets the careful thought or the execution of the large production to please people that will not be present during the first fight? Oh, I am just getting started with this one.

If a woman chooses to keep her last name, she is often chastised for being too modern. The whispers of disapproval begin at the cocktail hour. “You take the last name of your husband to honor him…”. As my eyes roll in utter disgust, I think that that a man should be honored to have you as his wife and shouldn’t care if you choose to keep your last name. My mind reflects on what a colorful sociology professor said during my undergrad years…”I have been married three times and each time, I kept my last name. He married me. He did not adopt me.” A woman may choose to keep her last name as a tie to her origin, her ancestral line, her own identity. She may even answer to Mrs. so and so but keep her maiden name on documents. Maiden name…as if she is Rapunzel or something….

Perhaps there is something to be said about a woman choosing to marry another woman. There are so many debates over this, and its an issue that remains on the legal table. However, when it boils down to the very last grain of rice, why is there an issue with two human beings loving each other and choosing to declare their love publicly? Isn’t that the so called dream? To walk down that aisle in that expensive dress that you get to wear once? Isn’t this the slice of the pie that we are trained to want with all our heart and soul?

People actually begin to wonder about a woman if she is not married by a certain age. She must be a cat person. Workaholic. The inevitable opinions start to swarm freely. You should get out more. I want some wedding cake. Oh, you are too picky. Do you still like men? Don’t you want to give your parents grandchildren before they die? Ah, yes that is the answer: rush into a parenting situation in order to please people before their mortality runs out. Why is the guilt trip necessary?

There are women that choose to marry themselves until further notice. This may be a compromise of sorts. People get to attend a wedding atmosphere and eat cake. Mom can see you walk down the aisle in that white dress and everyone is happy. You do not wake up the next morning realizing that this person is yours for the remainder of your lifetime on earth. Here comes my point.

A wedding is a party that has been blown out of proportion by a billion dolloar industry. When two people fall in love and decide to be together, that is a connection that is celebrated by the two of them. Nothing else is truly necessary. Of course, most want to include their families and close friends but at the end of the day, its about the relationship between the couple. That vision sometimes gets lost among the open bars and photo booths.

If you want a party, have it. You can even have a theme or a coordinator. Invite all your friends and be the life of it all. However, if you want to get married, put the relationship before the pomp and circumstance. It is important. If you invite me, I will attend and have a glass of champagne. Maybe, a dance or two and definetely a slice of the cake.


Sometimes, a girl just wants something different for a meal. Ever since I went to the new Whole Foods Market two weeks ago, some thoughts have been prancing around my mind. As I wandered around this afternoon in search of lunch, I pondered those thoughts once again.

What is it about a health food store that makes you feel so happy? It is different from shopping at Publix. The smells are intoxicating and fresh. The food tastes rather delicious, and the associates walk around sharing their knowledge and are quite friendly. I simply love the aisles with soap and mineral soaks. There is always something interesting to see. This is an environment that does something for your hunger as well as your spirit; you are uplifted.

There is only one problem that blocks me from shopping there now. It used to be the distance but that has been removed from the equation. The cost for all of these wonderful advantages is high. However, my health is a priceless investment. The feelings that I get while there do not compare with other food stores. Perhaps, I can consider a small hybrid of sorts just for the energy boost. What are your suggestions my dear sisters? I am open to the enligtenment.

Connections Happen

Friday, July 9, 2010 at 10:18pm ·

There I was again. Alone in a quiet solace. My stage was gone, and my life had encircled me yet again. Darkness set in, and my thoughts beat loudly in my head. The beat pressed for more until a picture painted itself in front of me. My heart longed for you…hold me in your arms and allow the light of your heart to radiate my entire being was said barely above a whisper. As my eyes fell to the floor, my heart fixated on its obsession, its reason for beating. The love erupted from me and I began to strum. Pluck their sadness into the universe until it vanishes. You have the power, you have the art…turn the vision into a reality. Be the dream sweet goddess. Be the dream…heal the world. Spread the light. Connect with the universe.


Sunday, September 19, 2010
I no longer question, I simply ask for clarification. I do not protest as much. I accept and ask for understanding. The ground may shake when I walk. People tremble or hide in my presence. They are of no consequence to me. I know the time without my watch. It is clear to me now what to do. I am prepared to protect you with my life. My last breath…


This can take quite some time to master.  Some are better at it than others; however, it is possible to understand the language of your own body.  Let’s start with our diet.

Sometimes during a workout, I have thoughts of a large steak with potatoes and a salad.  The thought of the size of the steak is dominant.  I do not love steak but chances are very high that my body requires an iron boost.

I used to do aloe shots with a friend.  She would juice the aloe and pour it in shot glasses.  We did them side by side.  I learned that aloe in such a pure form is entirely too much for my digestive system.  While it did serve as an excellent cleanser, the effects were quite harsh and I soon moved on to aloe juice.  Its gentler on me and still has the benefits that I desire.

Then there was the vegetarian month.  Ms. Adventure was finished with the experiment in one week; but, I persevered.  The effects on my stomach were wonderful in that I never had that blowfish feeling.  The downside for me was the fact that I found myself abusing starch and often going without any veggies at all.  After the fourth week, I returned to meat with an understanding that I would increase my veggie intake.

Pilates introduced me to the art of soaking in Epsom Salts.  Many a night found me in the tub in Epsom Salts as I attempted to ease my pained flesh.  This is a practice that continues to this very day.  When necessary, I would take Tylenol PM to help me sleep.  However, I soon realized that I felt sleepy for a long period of time during the day whenever this would occur.  It came to my attention that Tylenol PM was too much for me, and I soon found a Sleepy Time tea that did not do that.

My current workout regimen places a lot of stress on my body.  It holds the memory of the effort in certain places and reminds me that yes, you made that valiant effort on Sunday even if it is Thursday.  This is a sign that a massage therapist must be on call after a certain number of exercise sessions or I can look forward to waddling.  It has happened before…many times.

What I have to share next, is not pleasant but must be said.  I was once told to pay attention to what comes out of my body.  I should be able to draw a picture of it so that I can relay the information to the appropriate party.  Regardless of the outlet, know the adjectives that will describe what is being released from you.  I know; the visual but it is what it is.

We can take this a step further. There may be a place where you do not feel comfortable.  Perhaps you can not put your finger on it.  Your body will tell you with that tightness in your stomach or perhaps your heart suddenly feels restricted.  There is a reason why you feel like that.  Try to avoid that particular place.  Pay attention to your signs.

More later.  There is a heaviness under my eyes which can only mean that I need a nap.


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Thursday, July 30, 2009

***This is dedicated to my original Torturemaster.  This is one of the many retorts that she endured during my life changing training with her.

****This commentary is not for the faint or easily offended.  This is my honest gut opinion.  I do hope that it brings a smile to your face.  Please feel free to comment at your leisure. Love, Lady.

All of these people: gym rats, yoginis, bellydancers, pilates people, secretly belong to a society known as the torture masters.  Their meetings are held in underground caves so that members have no traceable roots.  Information is maintained by blindfolded griots so that they are unable to identify members by sight.  Such people are initiated by their extreme desire to sculpt their bodies in some way shape or form be it consciously or otherwise.
(separate reflection minus a segue)

Just when you thought that there couldn’t possibly be any more ways of your ass being tortured, a torture master pushes your buttons or ass cheeks depending on what class you are taking today.  Do you realize that these people pay money to attend workshops with highly skilled experts in order to learn new forms of torture to your already pained flesh?  The best part of this shit is that we return for more.  Now ask yourself, does this make us curious, saddistic, or just plain stupid?  Why on earth do we subject ourselves to this demise?  I know that I would rather be laying my fat ass on the beach sipping a fattening margarita, but I digress.

Last night serves as a perfect example.  I saw a girl with wearing a short set, 2 piece in white; it is important to wear clothes that compliment your frame.  While I myself am packing close to 200lbs, ( I have lost weight since some people have been putting their feet…BOTH…in my ass for weeks at a time now) I hope that I have enough sense to cover what I don’t want revealed until it is to my own personal satisfaction.  Will I ever identify with the strifes and pains of skinny people? Not in this time or the next.  My metabolism is slow, I had to change my entire diet, increase my water intake (which makes me feel like a puffy cow), go on a Colonics program, suffer through different types of body training and look good doing it….to lose….(wait for it)….
READ: approximately 10lbs.