A pleasant good night to all of the ladies. Tonight, I would like to offer an Ode…to the Mf.

The Mf is completely clueless to how life is supposed to flow. It interrupts classes for unimportant reasons and simply talks, and talks, and talks…until people are struck with rigor and even then….the sound of the loud booming voice continues…..

The Mf does not arrive prepared for any situation but expects to be properly compensated for time wasted. There is no rhyme or reason to it’s game….simply an array of straight fuckery….

The biggest problem with the proper development of a Mf is that it can thrive in any element….workplace, relationship, locker room, doctors office, the damn morgue…..a true Mf knows no bounds. It is properly prepared in the art of true motherfuckery and works on a daily basis to perfect its craft.

And so I say to all of you, there is really no true way for you to protect yourself from Mfs. They are big and small, old and young, fat and skinny….but one thing always remains true….

A Mf is a Mf.

Have a pleasant evening. 🙏🏿