Sunday Blues

My day began at noon. I ventured out into the world to buy herbs at the local farmer’s market. Publix soon saw me purchasing meat and pasta. Once I returned home, leftovers were warmed for lunch. That is when I felt the crown that cost me approximately $200.00 pop out of place. My fingers reached into my mouth, and placed it on the table where it still sits, courtesy of P.F. Changs. Disappointment washed over me as the recent dental procedures replayed themselves in my mind. My saving grace was that my permanent crown would arrive on Sept 1st. Until then, perhaps a liquid diet would be in order.
As I thought about attending a gathering, the idea of being with people began to frighten me. Would I have to talk to people? How long would I stay? Upon selecting my lovely white skirt as my attire, mother nature let me know that I wasn’t pregnant and a spot of bright red blood splattered on the fabric. After throwing my clothes into the sink to soak, I emailed the hostess and explained that my issues were too much for me to be social today. Did anything go right today? Well, sort of.
Ever since my presence has returned from NYC, it is all that I can think about. How will NYC see me again? Is there a festival or reason for me to be there? My interests are divinely feminine and artistically driven. Surely, there is a purpose for me in NY. It appears in my FB newsfeed every day, and other signs point to my desire to walk up and down the streets of that energetic city that never sleeps. There is so much that I have yet to see and experience. There is always a cafe just around the corner where a great cup of coffee can be experienced. The different cultures just line up one after the other. My mind, my spirit…we want to go back. Soon. A potential love interest also happens to be visiting there as this post is typed.
The second glass of wine is slowly taking and there is a journal and bowl of popcorn that both require my attention….

Dental Disaster

The sight of the tiny elevator sent me to the stairs. Into the office I wandered. Once I settled into the chair, the dentist came to talk to me. The numbing process began. Three shots later, it had not taken to his liking. The gums were given an extra dosage as a precaution, and he proceeded with care. The chair held me for what was at least an hour. My body shook without my consent. He continued to check on me as the nerves had gotten the best of me. I just wanted him to finish. Between the sight and sounds of the tools, the process was entirely too much for me. The comedy on the virtual television was an attempt at a proper distraction. I thought about my father. I thought about a new friend. The chair continued to hold me, and he continued to work.
Throughout the procedure, there were random spurts of sensations that should not be experienced by anyone. Apparently, the tissues in the tooth were extremely inflamed and there were four roots; the man had work to do. When the chair finally released me, thoughts of passing out from my first wisdom tooth resurfaced. I moved slowly to make certain that I was okay. There were directions for medication, and a follow up appointment in addition to the crown that the referring dentist would have to do. Yes, there is more torture.
The prescription was filled immediately, and I went home. Lunch is not an option, and the folding of clothes seemed reasonable enough. My mother was MIA….again. There was no one to share my experience with. The schedule shall pick up later this evening as a performance and poetry show will keep me busy. A friend shall join me to enjoy the animate prose. This is not an experience that I would wish upon anybody.