The Massage: A Compassionate Healing

My mother has been doing better with the mourning process. She has remained as social as ever and attends to daily matters. She did not speak about my father as much as she did in latter months. Physical ailments began to plague her and trips to the physical therapist began. Since I have my own history with physical issues, I asked about massages. She was not receiving any. I thought about how a massage therapist worked on me shortly after Daddy passed away. She volunteered to work on me as a way to help me with the tremendous loss. It was such a kind compassionate gesture. We became friends after that. Naturally, I thought it would be great if she could work on my mother; it was a surprise.
We met at my mother’s house all the way down South. Upon introducing my mother to my friend, it was explained that she was a massage therapist. Mommy’s face quickly crumpled into a questioning expression, “Who is getting a massage?”. She was not expecting the massage or the live harp music that I was providing during her session. I had done this same thing for her many years ago with the assistance of my father. I told him what I wanted to do. He said okay, not to worry about anything. Mommy was dressed for the massage therapist when she arrived and to this day, I do not know what Daddy said to her.
As the session got under way, the repertoire included many of the songs that Daddy enjoyed. It was natural for me to perform Mommy’s favorite Adagio Cantabile. Upon hearing it, she asked me to play it again. We soon heard a lot of sniffling. The music continued as the massage worked its magic. Fortunately, we had convinced her to have a session for 1.5 hours. She needed every minute of it. Upon completion, my friend, and I sat on my mom’s bed and chatted for a while. Mommy was fast asleep which was good because that was another issue since her loss. She was out for a good fifteen minutes before she rustled a bit. We told her to stay put and take her time.
It was amazing to witness such a healing take place. My friend felt so honored to have been a part of my family during this significant time. She was a good fit based on her compassionate heart. Mommy was able to do a lot of releasing on that table. I can only imagine the pain that she still experiences with such a tremendous loss. Mommy talked about my father for the remainder of the day which is something that she had stopped doing as much. It is my intent to help her get more massages on a regular basis.
Because we enjoyed the process so much, my friend and I are thinking about creating a package that offers this service to the general public. We felt as if we wanted to receive such a wonderful gift ourselves. The music was heartfelt and the massage allowed so much to be let go. What a gift.



I used to fear what people would think about me if they knew about my spiritual practices. It was a secret amongst a certain set of people. I would share my thoughts on the ways of the past and how women flourished prior to society progressing into the New World. It wasn’t until a dear friend pulled me to the side and told me that I should find a platform to amplify my voice as many women would welcome the sound of it. Why should it be kept to a precious few?
Here it is six months later, and I am producing events and gathering women for empowering experiences, spiritual enligtenment, emotional conenctions, and outright fun. This has been the most important thing that I have done this year. My fear of being isolated for what I hold dear has been embraced by many. Encouragement and support have inspired me to continue the work that is closest to my heart. Releasing this has allowed me to help others which makes me extremely happy. I look forward to 2013 and all it has to offer.



Trying to decide on when to be celibate vs. when to be sexually expressive can be a rather daunting task. There are so many factors that come into play. How long has it been since your last expression? Have you known this person long enough? Should you keep this person at an arm’s length or sit in their lap? Have the two of you been tested? What do you really want from this relationship? What if you just want sex? An interview for self.

Every woman has faced these questions and more. Sexual frustration can cause a serious imbalance in the sacral chakra and thus, throw everyone else out of alignment. That powerful release has many benefits for overall health, mind, body, and soul. You can work off calories, release magical chemicals, experience that special senesation unlike any other, and lay in that afterglow. Are there negative side effects? Of course. Welcome to life.

Let me be aggressive with this sentiment: Your pussy can’t ride every dick. Not all dicks were meant for entrance into your sacred temple. Once your information is explored, there is the possibility of pregnancy, disease, unecessary clinging, and adicktion. What if you get pregnant from a one night stand? Do you know that the factors that you did not consider about your “date” could become important in your child’s life? Did you know about that pesky gout on his side or the fact that all of the men lose their hair at age 30? Would you still have played with him? Maybe not. hmmm.

If you foray into this play pen with this particular playmate, what is the desired outcome? Is this a friends with benefits with the hope that it blooms into something else or are you just making a mistake for the sake of getting a slice? What of your spiritual side as you delve into the bed of fun, where does that go? Does it take a turn for the worse because it is settling while your yoni explodes? Decisions. Tough ones.

Women have to accept that yes they have a sexual drive too. It is normal and can be quite overwhelming sometimes. It doesn’t make you cheap or loose. It does make you quite frisky. Some suggest toys. Others suggest chocolate. Everyone has her own way of dealing with those long bouts of unwanted celibacy. Why, it can boil down to a your head saying one thing while the pussy says another. You have to decide for yourself which one will win and if you can live with your decision.


I have had the pleasant experience of requesting things and having them happen.  I asked for a topic for a specific radio show about two weeks ago, and the moderator not only accepted but delivered an educational show that I needed.  I then provided her with a testimonial which included my results from her suggestions.

A topic was briefly covered once during a dance class that I really enjoyed. I emailed the instructor and told her how much I enjoyed the brief introduction, and that I would appreciate a workshop of this nature.  She spoke to the manager the same day, and a workshop was scheduled within two weeks.  The workshop was sold out and the teacher had to make a part II in order to meet the demand.

Why it was just last week that I pulled my hot sexy diva mama fitness instructor to the side and said, you need to do a class on just that one little movement.  She smiled at me and said that she would.

The questioning process can continue to other areas of your life.  If you know that you need a certain amount of time to get a project done, why not approach your boss on the spot instead of waiting until the week prior to the deadline to begin sweating.  Maybe, you want your boyfriend to take you dancing, but it has yet to happen.  Do not drop hints…ask him.

If there is something that you want, ask for it aloud so that the universe can send it to you.  Of course, there is the old adage of be careful of what you ask because you may just get it.  ***That will be covered in another post.