Reiki: A Solution

She was loquacious. The chaos in her life seemed to spill into her dialogue, and it was completely unlike her. As the bedlam began to engulf me, I realized what was needed. The empath needed to be balanced because she had been taken by too many energies, and it was very difficult for her to find herself or feel grounded. My table soon appeared and she was instructed to climb aboard.
A few weeks ago, I acquired a piece of furniture that is able to house all of my spiritual tools: crystals, statues, incense, etc. It is a magnificent spectacle that doubles as a healing altar. The table was set in front of it. It occurred to me that she would benefit from the larger crystals. As I began to place them on her back, she made a noise that alarmed me. After inquiring if all was well, she informed me that a very pleasant shock went down her back. After thinking about the energies that were disturbing her, smudging became rather appropriate. There I was circling the table as if I had a track to run. It was necessary for me to sit at the top of the table in order to work on her head. It was of great concern to me and required its own time.
Her energies rocked me back and forth. Once they settled, it became apparent that she had a nice angelic background that came to join the session. As the session came to a close, the chair served as my comfortable foundation. It felt nice to have such a relaxing experience. It was meaningful and natural for me to be serving in this healing capacity. She came back to the present day and appeared to be waking from a deep sleep. All of the unnatural chatter and discord had vanished. A slow and gentle calm had claimed her and thinking patterns seemed clear once more. I personally can not wait until my next opportunity arises to perform Reiki once more so that I can can step into that gentle sanctuary.

Dear Issac, really?

There I was at the middle of a torrential rainstorm courtesy of Tropical Storm Issac. My destination was sixty one miles away, and my newly restored vehicle decided to have issues and leave me stranded on the highway. It was dark, and I was all alone. There was no one that I could call to come to my rescue except for AAA. Did I remember to renew my membership? I took a moment to connect to the loving energy of Archangel Michael, and then began my mission to find assistance.

AAA said that a tow truck would be on its way within thirty minutes. I was thinking at least two hours because of the rain. While I waited, I tried to analyze how this situation happened to me as large trucks raced passed me in the wet darkness. A calming effect settled around me and peace became mine to hold and understand. I was not alone. The tow truck came very quickly. The driver was very nice, and there was a pleasant woman sitting in the front seat. We chatted all the way down the I-95.

Now that I am safely at home, the rain is redefining the earth along with the howling wind. This situation could have had a different ending. My tea is seeping, and my toe socks are warming my feet. I belive that perhaps this was another way of slowing me down so that I can better analyze my life and what truly needs to take place. While I do not approve of the timing or the manner in which it took place, I am thankful for the protection and care that was provided during this trial.

Conclusion: Even in the midst of a storm, life will continue and trouble can arise. However, there are ways that you can manage the greatest of difficulties. Learn what they are and put them to great use. I did this early morning and have stayed awake to share its success. Your desired outcome may not happen the way that you want it, but it will happen right on time for your benefit.