Not all beverages are created equal

Not all beverages are created equal. Water. Hot tea. Organic juice. These three beverages have been my liquid choices for a while now. When I went to Publix to purchase meat, I decided to pick up two flavors of Ocean Spray juice. After one cup, my body immediately informed me that it is too sweet for my consumption. Publix had a refund on its hands. This was never a problem before the introduction of organic juice from Brother’s Farmers Market. Its amazing to me how quickly personal taste can change.


I read somewhere that I should have high expectations so that I am not surprised when they come true. Well, I decided that I was going to receive gratuity for my services yesterday and guess what happened when my fee was collected:)

When I came to this morning, I decided to meditate in my spare room. Since the veil is still thin, I was interrupted twice. However, I made the most interesting connection; the ascended master Quan Yin came to me and expressed that I should have compassion for myself. I have never been drawn to her but felt loved because of this advice. I incorporated the use of my new rose quartz/carnelian necklace to draw love closer to me.

After my library fiasco, I headed to Whole Foods in search of Moon Time tea and a different taste for dinner. I have taken to cooking three meals on a daily basis and this evening, a Lady simply needed something else. Although it was organic, I paused over my meal so that I could put the proper healing energy in it to nourish my body. While my tea cools a bit, perhaps I shall browse one of my books while listening to Teddy Pendergrass croon.


Sometimes, a girl just wants something different for a meal. Ever since I went to the new Whole Foods Market two weeks ago, some thoughts have been prancing around my mind. As I wandered around this afternoon in search of lunch, I pondered those thoughts once again.

What is it about a health food store that makes you feel so happy? It is different from shopping at Publix. The smells are intoxicating and fresh. The food tastes rather delicious, and the associates walk around sharing their knowledge and are quite friendly. I simply love the aisles with soap and mineral soaks. There is always something interesting to see. This is an environment that does something for your hunger as well as your spirit; you are uplifted.

There is only one problem that blocks me from shopping there now. It used to be the distance but that has been removed from the equation. The cost for all of these wonderful advantages is high. However, my health is a priceless investment. The feelings that I get while there do not compare with other food stores. Perhaps, I can consider a small hybrid of sorts just for the energy boost. What are your suggestions my dear sisters? I am open to the enligtenment.