The Dawn of 2017

What are your New Year Resolutions? What do you want to accomplish in 2017? None of it interests me. I do not make resolutions. I have been known to list goals, create webs, and even do an occasional vision board for this time of year; however, this year, time finds me standing still. I converse with a select few and mostly keep to myself. 2016 is an honest blur to me. As with any year, there have been highs and lows. This has not been a memory keeper or a deal breaker. It was just another year in my life.
The upcoming year marks my 40th life cycle renewal. I have been thinking about how I would like to celebrate it. In truth, I want to wake up next to the ocean. Beachside hotels are being researched as we speak. Other than that, 2017 will arrive without much fuss for me. By midnight on the famous eve, I will be asleep. Clubs have never been an option for me, and my body dictates a very strict clock to deal with or else there is hell to pay. Perhaps a glass of red wine for merriment.

New Year Preparations

It was a relief to welcome Boxing Day of 2013. This meant that I did not have to hear or perform another strand of holiday music. What is my problem with holiday music? I have to teach it. I have to perform it. It is played everywhere. Enough is enough. The 26th could not come soon enough for me. As the New Year approached, I went on an insane cleaning frenzy. Papers were shredded. Clothes and furniture were donated. Bed linen was washed. Floors were swept and mopped. The garage was cleared out including the corners. I was laying the foundation for the spiritual work that was about to take place. A physical cleaning had to happen first before I could spiritually cleanse in order to welcome the blessings of 2014.
There were some new things that I wanted to try. Have you ever heard of burning onion skins? Garlic was added for my own personal curiosity. During this process, it was discovered that using charcoal is much different from incense. Youtube had a wonderful instructional video that had me smoking like a professional. My house smelled of garlic, onions, Frankincense and Myrrh. For three consecutive days, I blessed my house. The front door was washed with great tedious care. Everything was going to be spotless for 2014.
At some point, my table was covered with my intentions for 2013. This was so that I could review what was accomplished so that I could figure out what I wanted for 2014. The list is not long. Part of it includes finding a new hobby and a form of physical activity that complements my body type. As the first week full week of 2014 closes, things have been calm while traffic resurfaces and people return to work. 2013 provided a wonderful foundation for 2014 to be productive and filled with abundance.