He was attractive and had a skill. We exchanged numbers. Within a week, his kisses were accompanied with fondling. I blinked and he asked me point blank, “When are we going to have sex?”. Unfortunately for me, I tend to give people too much credit. This was a red flag yet I trudged ahead. He soon vanished to New York for a week without letting me know. Upon returning, he asked me, “How jealous are you on a scale of 1-10? Because if I saw you in the street with someone else, I would not approach you in an inappropriate manner.” It was one of the strangest conversations of my entire life.
When I told him that his boss hit on me, he told me not to be mean to the individual because his boss was his friend. One evening, I asked him to take me to the movies. His response, “Oh, so you want to take your man to the movies!”. I ended up going with a friend. All of these circus acts were extremely strange to me because I do not play games with people. As a result, they often go unnoticed by me with serious questions. While explaining his behavior to a friend one evening, something dawned on me. He soon heard his phone ringing. He soon heard me asking him if he was sleeping with someone. All of a sudden he claimed that he had to go. He heard the same question again to which he finally relented, “I can not tell a lie. I am seeing someone else.” My voice declared that he had a girlfriend and that he was trying to cheat on her with me. It was not going to happen. He said that he did not see it that way. I screamed at him that he should never call me again in his life. Messages started coming in along the lines of, “I am sorry that I could not take you to the movies.”.
This happened a long time ago. A lot has changed since then. Now, I know what I want. I am in tune with my feelings, and there it is not a problem for me to cut someone off or subtract myself from the equation. This man never gave me any reason to give him the benefit of the doubt. He earned suspicion and a lot interrogation. Instead he received the benefit of the doubt, and two weeks of my life. It was not a waste because this was a lesson for me. Now, it is a lesson for anyone that cares to read it.


It has been approximately six months since I looked into getting a numerology report completed on my various life cycles. While studying myself, it is important to gather as much information as possible. I felt it was time to finally take care of it due to the fact that my inner circle was saying the same things; when different sources say the same thing, heaven is speaking loudly. After the consultation, I had 86 pgs. worth of information to analyze, highlight, and digest. It needed to be in a book that could be easy to manage.
Office Depot was on my path today; however, the long line discouraged me. I decided to crawl home for a nap and would return later. When I did return, the associate informed me that it would not be possible for me to get the book made today. A pause began when I realized that it would be necessary for me to ask when it could be completed if I expected any further information. While driving on the main road, my mind thought how strange the interaction was. There wasn’t a willingness to accept my money. There was an assumption that my shadow would darken that doorstep again. The decision had been made. Office Max was about to have a new custome in spite of the fact that it was even farther away than office Depot.
The associate asked me a couple of questions. Five minutes later, she returned with my beautiful report in a book. As my card went through the reader, I told her that Office Depot told me to return the next day. She returned my smile and said that the statement made her entire day. The moral of my story is that when I want something, I am going to have it one way or another. Use the resources that are available. My shrewd aquarian friend is fond of saying that you have to use what you have to get what you need. That is the lesson that I learned today.