It has been a busy October. Between being social and performing, Lady has been quite the mover and shaker. My mother’s birthday literally appeared overnight. What was I going to do? It was a critical week for her and many people wanted to be there to support her. How was I going to bring it all together? Simple. I assembled a mini dream team and went to work. First, a call went in to the poetess that graced our last family function. I told her that I had to have her back for another event and here it was. Second, a special dessert was in order. The cake designer was available to make a very special vintage treat featuring my mother’s face.
My new dress was the perfect selection for the fall night festivities. Everyone gathered at the Falls inside Brio to celebrate my mother’s birthday. As everyone settled in, bread arrived at the table. Chatter soon began as I nervously checked my phone to see that the poet had arrived in the parking lot and would soon be making her grand entrance. I did not tell my mother about her appearance or the cake. Once she emerged from her hiding place we approached my mother together. A wide smile came over my mom’s face as she hugged the talent that brought so much joy only months ago. It was not long before she delivered three touching poems much to the delight of our guests.
By the time dessert was served, each person was giving a personal testimony regarding the special time that we were having. When my turn came to speak, I felt the presence of my father. It was nice to have him around for the evening. It has often been my thought that I had to take care of his widow in his physical absence. The dinner was yet another goal that was achieved in this line of thinking. More than one guest told me how much they enjoyed the dinner. It was a lovely evening. My mother smiled all night long.

The Broccoli Chronicles

It was a delicious meal. Broiled salmon, potatoes, garlic, olives, and broccoli rounded out a wonderful dinner. I was so very proud of myself for creating something so yummy. That was my Friday night. Saturday morning found me in between two destinations with a quick stop at my home. Why would I stop at my home if I have somewhere to be? There are some things that you would rather take care of in the privacy of your own abode.
It was a sheer delight for me to make a pit stop. Off I went into the world to continue with my schedule. Upon my return, there I was again attending to myself. You must be wondering what was happening, and why I required so much attention from myself. Thoughts of the blackened broccoli simmering in the olive oil and then being inhaled came to mind. Such a green veggie causes extreme ease within the digestion system which is normally my Achilles tendon.
By the time I was choosing an outfit for my evening out, I required some more time to myself. After leaving the house, burping soon followed. Enough burping to interrupt my conversation. Fortunately, I was in the company of a vegan. My voice inquired about the benefits of garlic. We soon got into the benefits of broccoli. I explained the situation. She elaborated on the subject. It was a rather healthy conversation.
Would you believe that while we were watching the dance performance, we were given green popcorn?

Turkey Visitation

Thanksgiving found me with a five hour performance at a familiar haunt. The opening of this holiday season would prove significant for me in that it would gauge the rest of the season. A first time happening popped its beautiful head in that I was also booked for the day after the dry bird for the first time ever. I wondered if there would be sadness over the missing presence of my father during this time. Fortunately, the sadness never came. Why, I found myself quite happy and rejoicing.
I think what helps me a great deal is that I do not think of my father in the past tense. My relationship with him continues. As sleep came after a terrible headache caused by a lack of meat, Daddy paid me a visit in a dream. He was happy as could be. I saw him in his home at the end of the hallway with a big smile on his face. It seems as if he was pleased with how I was caring for my mother and he encouraged me to continue along my way. My eyes opened the next day with great joy as the packing for the bris began.


People often wonder if I like them or not. The general rule of thumb is, if I like you, you may know…BUT, if I don’t like you, you will know and so will the rest of the world. Here is some feedback on the situations….

I like you if……

1.) If you get a lot of texts/msgs/calls from me.

2.) If I give you something and sort of start blushing in the corner.

3.) If I tell you that I don’t like you(not sure why)

3.a) If you get tapped and then told that I do not like you.

3.b) If you get tapped and then you are told something.

4.) If I ask for your opinion on something and listen to your feedback intently.

5.) If you receive an invite for tea/coffee/dinner.

5.A) If I give you candy/tea/coffee/meal(especially if I cook it myself…DAMN).

6.) If you receive a hug…damn, you are better than sliced bread.

7.) If I feel the need to sponsor a party in your honor….WOW!

8.) If you notice that I violate your personal space often…

9.) If you get hugged out of the clear blue because I was happy that you walked in the room…

10.) If I offer you a glass of wine…

11.) If you have ever been flashed(or received a threat of a flash)….you are very high on my list.

12.) If you notice that I will discuss anything(and I do mean anything…no topic is off limits…) around you, my comfort level with you is in the hemisphere.

13.) If I offer you a ride and you have to get to the other side of town.

14.) If you feel that I am a fan of your work…chances are very high that I LOVE YOU!

15.) If I tell you the truth without hesitation at all about you….on the money honey, I like you.

16.) If you receive random thoughts for me, this means that you get to see that aspect of me because I feel safe around you.

I do not like you if…..

1.) When you show up, I can’t be found.

2.) If I stare at you and don’t say a word.

3.) If you are in my presence and feel as if you do not exist…you got it, I do not like you.

4.) If you send me a text and I respond eat shit and die….on the money, I don’t like you.

5.) If you address me and notice that I have a great deal of trouble responding to you and I am not eating….I DON’T LIKE YOUR ASS.

6.) If you call me and I never call you back…..ever….

7.) If you call my voicemail and it says your name specifically…and then requests that you do not call me again in this lifetime or the next….(yes, I have done this)

8.) If I am very short with you in conversation..one word responses.

9.) If I look at you and you want to die from the disgust bullets that I am shooting at you…yeah, you are disliked by me.

10.) If I used to tell you that I do not like you…and it stopped. This happened to a boyfriend right before I broke up with him.

Unfortunately,there have been people that start off in the gray area and then place themselves in a negative spot. However, more often than not…people elevate themselves which is what makes life grand. The other thing is I have had friends whom I loved dearly but couldn’t be in the presence of their significant others which is uncomfortable as hell.


As I wonder about what I shall wear to my family home for the big dinner(sigh), a text came through inviting me to a friend’s home. She has no idea how grateful I am to be thought of in this manner. I do plan to attend after my top meal of the day. However, now I have an attire predicament on my hands.

I do not want to wear a dress and wish to be casual. My work on being a little more fashionable with regards to my hard earned body has shortened the length of skirts and the such in various situations. However, if I show up in an outfit of this nature to dinner…with my mother present….people will be bowing their heads on my behalf instead of the meal.

Perhaps a compromise of sorts can be found. The last time that I wore a dress that my mother did not like, she did not hesitate to make a physical reference to my boobs and went so far as to purchase three brand new dresses for me. I do wish to avoid conflict today. A moment of silence is required here……