Diet: The End is Here

It took over my life like a ten foot wave. Greens. Plain meat. Quinoa. Water. This has been my standard meal for about seven weeks now. I have done more consecutive days of cooking than I care to remember. It was only supposed to last for six weeks. However, one sandwich caused a major relapse and signaled that the diet must continue indefinitely in order to combat a lifetime of poor eating.
One would think that I miss eating whatever I want. The fact of the matter is that I feel thankful for the change. It was abrupt. The lack of warning meant that I did not have time to overthink it or take a long time to prepare. It was black and white; do it or remain unhealthy. Period. The side effects have been life changing.
Weight has dropped off my body. Pants hang of my shrinking frame. A lot of attention is bestowed upon me wherever I go. While confidence has always been a strong point for me, it has increased. The way I approach people is very different from before. If I have something to say, it is said without hesitation. Wine is something that I do miss and the occasional cup of coffee would be really nice. When I think about the history of Diabetes in my family combined with the unhealthy components of foods that I enjoy, it just seems to make sense that this diet turn into more of a lifestyle change. It is strict. However, within its boundaries, I have found a new sense of freedom.
The cooking continues along with my exploration of green veggies. Food tastes different to me now. I no longer eat for pleasure. I eat for survival. My body has proven to me that my eating alone can determine the state of my health. There are different textures in a salad. There is more to it than just mere grass. Yogurt is my best friend and water is simply a staple. It is possible for me to dine in fine restaurants. It just means that there are a lot of specifications for the chef. Protein and greens are my friends.


At the final hour, I decided to get all dolled up and catch the EWO show in Hollywood. I did not intend to stay long since it is the middle of the week, and I have just gotten back to sleeping regurlarly. While I was expecting to have a glass of wine and eat food, neither of those things happened.

Instead, I found myself driving home in search of food. Wendys looked good, but the line was long. McDonalds was tempting but all of the preservative warnings from Facebook crept into my head. Publix appeared on the horizon just as a torrential downpour, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy, decided to do its worst. Finally, I gave up and surrendered to cooking yet another meal. It wasn’t long before I happily enjoyed steamed mushrooms with garlic. My tea is seeping as we speak. I shall add organic honey to it momentarily.

One of my friends took a picture with me at the show. I address her as the natural goddess as she only eats veggies and wears her hair in the most beautiful locks that I have ever seen. She mentioned that I had lost weight. While my exercise regimen has been light, I have made it a point to watch what I eat. It is not easy for me since I do not like to cook and do not fancy myself a picky person when it comes to food. My water intake could be better and the probiotics are not as regular as I would like. I also do not turn down dessert as a rule. EVER!

In the process of trying to take care of myself, there are some things that I try to keep in mind:
1.) If it goes in, it must come out.
2.) I am what I eat. If I do not want to look like a fried cheeseburger, I better not eat one.
3.) Sleeping at night is important. When my body does not have it, it fights with my mind. This is then called an internal war.

4.) Exercise can be a brisk walk to the store or a thirty minute boogie with my shadow. As long as I sweat, there is hope.

5.) I always try to vent my frustrations to a listening party.
6.) I surround myself with positive people and those that show me proper examples of living by doing it themselves.

7.) Tea and Shea Butter are important in my life.
8.) Prayer changes things. It does not have to be elaborate or in a specific place. It must be heartfelt.

9.) Solitude and meditation are requirements of life…
10.) Always have a bottle of wine ready in the event a sister wants to pop over…..

One day, maybe I will write about relationships but do not hold your breath…