Sunday Blues

My day began at noon. I ventured out into the world to buy herbs at the local farmer’s market. Publix soon saw me purchasing meat and pasta. Once I returned home, leftovers were warmed for lunch. That is when I felt the crown that cost me approximately $200.00 pop out of place. My fingers reached into my mouth, and placed it on the table where it still sits, courtesy of P.F. Changs. Disappointment washed over me as the recent dental procedures replayed themselves in my mind. My saving grace was that my permanent crown would arrive on Sept 1st. Until then, perhaps a liquid diet would be in order.
As I thought about attending a gathering, the idea of being with people began to frighten me. Would I have to talk to people? How long would I stay? Upon selecting my lovely white skirt as my attire, mother nature let me know that I wasn’t pregnant and a spot of bright red blood splattered on the fabric. After throwing my clothes into the sink to soak, I emailed the hostess and explained that my issues were too much for me to be social today. Did anything go right today? Well, sort of.
Ever since my presence has returned from NYC, it is all that I can think about. How will NYC see me again? Is there a festival or reason for me to be there? My interests are divinely feminine and artistically driven. Surely, there is a purpose for me in NY. It appears in my FB newsfeed every day, and other signs point to my desire to walk up and down the streets of that energetic city that never sleeps. There is so much that I have yet to see and experience. There is always a cafe just around the corner where a great cup of coffee can be experienced. The different cultures just line up one after the other. My mind, my spirit…we want to go back. Soon. A potential love interest also happens to be visiting there as this post is typed.
The second glass of wine is slowly taking and there is a journal and bowl of popcorn that both require my attention….

My Coffee Moment

Every woman should have lunch with a rather handsome man at least once in her life. He should be the type of handsome that causes disruptions in public. It does not matter if he is a love interest or a shopping buddy. He should have a smile that overshadows the sun, and an hora that shouts, “I AM ANGELIC”. His body should be more durable than the Grand Canyon with pecs that give cleavage a run for the money. It was my good fortune to have lunch with such an individual yesterday, and it was such a treat.
After the delicious lunch was consumed, Starbucks was graced with our presence. Specific instructions were given for the custom made coffee that he ordered. This moment stayed with me. Why? After having access to Pilon coffee in my home, Starbucks coffee simply did not cut it anymore. This has been somewhat of a problem. Tea is not cool to have while at Starbucks; it is a coffee house, not a tea room. All of the fluffy high calorie intake coffee selections do not always appeal to me, especially since I plan on eating three meals a day. One cup of those things can sky rocket your daily intake of sugar.
This moment returned to me as I approached the happy barista this morning. I simply wanted a regular cup of coffee with cream, two sugars, and whipped cream on top. I asked if something of this nature was possible? I also wanted it in a mug. My car is having an oil change and it is customary for me to wait in the neighboring Starbucks. Not only was this request possible, it tasted good. I have been sitting here happily using my laptop and blogging from Starbucks with my custom made coffee in a mug. This is a highlight for my Spring Break. Ah yes, the Dominican Republic you say?
My plans to travel during this time were pushed back perhaps to the Summer. I will have more time to skip around the world and perhaps explore undiscovered treasures. For now, my days are spent taking various exercise classes including yoga and bellydance while eating salad and sipping lemon water. This break has given me the opportunity to take a look at my diet and how it has contributed to my overall health. In a nutshell, it needs daily attention and a serious overhaul. Instead of rolls with dinner while out, I have requested garlic spinach. It should also be announced that I cook more often than eating out or at least someone will cook for me.
All in all, I can say Happy Spring from the Piscean that has welcomed a new life cycle at the 38th year mark.

Funeral Beverage

As I finished my meal of Belgian Waffles, the waitress sat across from me and told an interesting story. She attended a funeral a few weeks ago with her husband. She found it rather odd that everyone in the room held cups of Starbucks coffee. She inquired as to where the restroom was located and was shocked to find a Starbucks front and center in the middle of the funeral home.
I smiled and said that I remembered when they had proposed such a move.
There is of course something incredibly wrong with this entire scenario. Are we bothered by the fact that Starbucks made a strategic move in tapping into a wide open market or is the fact that people are trying to stay awake at a funeral an issue? The funeral is the one event that no one likes. Its the time to wish the dearly departed a final farewell. Now, we have added comfort with a hot steaming latte with a shot of expresso. The waitress asked me if I thought that the funeral director was getting a kick back; a smile crossed my face again and I said, “yes”.


It is covered most of the day. It is under us where we can’t see it. When it is examined, our feet have to be put in stirrups so the infamous gynocologist can get the best view. A lot goes on in there without the insertion of any body part. Sometimes, it becomes infected with yeast or bacteria. For those of you that are special, you may get a nice combination of both which then causes the gyn to prescribe a strong cocktail of sorts to stick in your twat. I am about to paint the picture where insult is added to a very uncomfortable injury.

You are already itchy. You are taking the creams and popping the pills. You are avoiding everything including: sex, waxing, sweets, coffee, and alcohol; yes, the angel of death is near. Then your poor clueless boyfriend says to you, “Maybe if we do it without the condom it will get better….”. Do you hear an explosion of gunfire in your head?

Many of you are in the practice of sleeping without underwear just to give the special present time to breathe and enjoy itself. It never gets enough air. Plenty of water is also good for its self marination. If you can avoid the overeating of sweets, large consumptions of coffee, and happy hour, the chances of you getting a yeast infection should be lowered. Just remember that nature has a sense of humor. Did you know that you can have an infection while your moontime is in effect? Yes, you too can experience higher levels of discomfort. The creams are not necessarily the best for the vjj either; however, who can blame a girl for wanting to cure the symptoms immediately and working on the cause later.