The Pictures

As I looked at my father’s picture, the frame seemed small and unfit for such a great man. It was then that I decided to enlarge the picture and get a proper frame so that I could look at my father with an appropriate view. While making the necessary arrangements at Walgreens, it occurred to me that my mother would appreciate a larger print of the same picture. I adjusted the order while picking out frames. The photographer soon informed me that he printed three picture by mistake and would only charge me for two; the third one would be on him. A smile crossed my face because that was not a mistake. My father wanted me to give the third picture to my brother whom is still quite shaken by his departure although he does not say it aloud.
When I entered my door, I eagerly placed the new picture in its new frame on the appropriate altar. Daddy now sat next to his father in a lovely frame. The interesting part of this is that a few years ago, my mother enlisted my help with a little project that she wanted to work on for my father. She said that he spoke about his father every single day and the man had been dead for well over twenty years. It was a testament to the connection that Daddy always recognized. She said that he had a small picture of his father. She wanted to have it enlarged but was not sure how to go about doing it. I asked her to give me the picture so that I could take care of it for her. I had two copies of the picture enlarged. One was returned to my mother for my father to enjoy. The other went on my altar. My grandfather was in heaven long before I came into existence; however, I have known him my entire life. Both of them now pursue new things in the land of the ancestors as their pictures lay before me.

Ancestral Connection

As I awoke from the bizarre dream, my mind wondered if my father was okay in the afterlife. The content of the dream begged this serious question. I had recently promised him that I would serve him in this new capacity until he came for me and had the chills upon delivery of the words. It bothered me a great deal. It was time for me to grace my ancestral altar with my presence.
Formal prayers were said first. I then followed with my concerns and voiced a request for guidance with the situation. I just wanted to know if my father was okay. Upon completed, my bed greeted me with enthusiasm and joy. While rolling over in the sheer bliss of the sheets, the warmth enveloped me. It was then that the realization of a spirit got my attention. It was with an instant deliberate action. It was soon determined that my grandfather had appeared to communicate with me. He must have heard me praying and wanted to put my fears at ease. My father was doing just fine. Perhaps there was a hidden meaning in the dream that has yet to be revealed.
It was a great comfort to receive confirmation so very quickly. This is the second time this year that my grandfather has made his presence known in such a strong way. The morning that my mother called to tell me that Daddy was being rushed to the hospital because he was in a coma, my grandfather announced that he had come for his son.
There was my distraught moment of complete loss when daddy was removed from life support yet was still alive for days after. It was clear that he was leaving this world. The lengthy process did not sit well with me. The spiritual presences were quite vivid during that time. I said his name aloud and he responded. There wasn’t any waiting or lapse of time. My voice expressed my state of complete shock as to why Daddy was still alive and this needed to be over with. My arms lit up like lights with goose bumps. As my body fell back into the sofa with tears, a request for help sprang from my lungs. It was then that my cell sounded with a text. I ran across the room to grab it. A medium decided at that very instant to check on me. Naturally, she soon heard about what had just happened. My grandfather sent her to help me.
There must be such rejoicing on the other side. Daddy was reunited with his beloved father. I was so sad to see Daddy leave us. However, it made my heart happy to see him waving at me while at his father’s side at the graveyard. It has been relayed to me that he enjoys the music that I play for him. Other people speak about him in the past tense. What helps me a great deal is that I use the present tense.