Your morning routine serves as the foundation for your day. As you awake to a new beginning, there are many activities that you can partake in that can uplift you and get you started on the right foot. Affirmations, inspirational quotes, or even a song can activate that throat chakra and allow you to hear positive words from the jump. If you wish to remain in silence, you could read an inspirational quote or meditate for a little while. Because I do not love routine, I vary what I include: daily angelic guidance words, meditation, writing; it is often quite common to find me on the porch without shoes staring at the sky. Deep breathing can replenish you while improving your focus. Awakening without the use of an alarm is also a suggestion.
One friend mentioned to me that she doesn’t use her cell phone prior to noon unless there is an absolute emergency: no texting, phone calls, or Facebook. That disconnection from technology is so important when connecting with yourself. This gives you a greater say in how you interact with the demands of life before you are ready to go full blast.
Many people hear whispers or their name being called upon awakening. Angels and spirit guides are able to speak to us very easily at this time because we are not distracted by anything and the doubt factor is low. If you lay in bed for a little while, you may also realize that you had a dream. Keep a journal next to your bed to record any information that comes to you at this time. As the day goes on, it becomes difficult to recall such information which is a part of your divine guidance. Because I dream so much and found other women that are excellent at dream interpreations, I began a DreamWeaver Teleconference within the Circle of Sisterhood. Whenever one of us wants to discuss a dream, we schedule a time when everyone can talk on the phone. The feedback is quite informative and often gives the dreamer more than one perspective on what was happening.
The morning can be a sacred time which is often diminished because most people have to rush to work or get the kids to school. Even if you only have five minutes to dedicate to yourself, use those five minutes of gold to do something that will elevate you. Choose something that speaks to you and use it to your advantage. It can make a huge difference in the flow of your day:)



The person knows the situation. The person knows what has to be done to solve the problem in order to achieve success. However, because of fear, the person chooses to remain locked away. Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy. What wonderful experiences are we missing in life because we are too afraid to take the necessary steps to get what we want? This in turn begins to anger some because they see others doing the work that they fear undertaking themselves hence the root of resentment and envy. You know it as jealousy.

I overheard this advice being given yesterday. You have a fear? Get over it. I also heard advice that the Dalai Lama gave to an individual: keep it simple. If I put the two of these things together, I get a new equation. Fear is simple to deal with: GET OVER IT! Yes, I realize that it is easier said then done. We are human an everyone has some fear and or insecurity that they carry around like a torch.

My plan of action includes the following….

1.) Surround yourself with people that will not enable your excuses for not doing what your intuition is telling you to do. There are some people in this world that will not take anything less than the best from everyone including their friends. This may be called an accountability partner.

2.) Devise a simple plan and stick to it. Go with the flow when obstacles appear and handle it.
3.) Remember the fear is not yours to have. Give it to the higher power that you recognize and allow that energy to deal with it.
4.) Always remember that you are in charge of your own happiness. No one else is going to do the work that is required to make you smile because they should be too busy trying to do the same thing for themselves.

5.) Affirmations as you awake can work wonders.

Do not waste another moment thinking about what you should do. You already know. Put yourself out there….wear heels if you want….