Spiritual Readings

A spiritual reading is your opportunity to get feedback about your life from a universal perspective by connecting with the spiritual realm. In this gentle healing session, clarity can be attained. You may discover new things about yourself that were previously overlooked. It is often able to provide you with information that you have been searching for as well as remind you of your own inner truths. Angels and Spirit Guides communicate during this time. The use of a crystal ball and automatic writing are often used during sessions. The use of various angel decks conclude the session which lasts for approximately one hour. You are encouraged to bring a journal/notebook to take notes.

Exchange of Energy: $50.00 (Single)
Duo/Small Group: $40.00 per person

P: 866.592.5926
E: ladyofharp@gmail.com


Thank you for the stimulating conversation and the impromptu reading. It was helpful and I appreciated it.

J. Jackson
Nov 5, 2012

Thank you for today. The discovery of Esmeralda and Michael has given me a lot to ponder…I have watered my bamboo plant and plan on adding more green so that Esmeralda can feel at home.

Vampy Sisa
Nov 7, 2012


The best experience ever. It was out of this world. It was a necessary experience. This was beyond awesome. C. G.- FL

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