An Afternoon of Discovery: Spiritual Readings September 23, 2018 2:30-5:30pm (time subject to change)
Mindwarehouse in the City of Miami
Cost: Each reader will accept gratuity for their services. Cash only.

Michelle Stolzenberg has been doing tarot readings and astrology for over 25 years. She facilitates workshops for Astro novices and also executes birth charts. For appointments: 786.800.8953.

Crystal Sawyer has always had an interest in spiritually. The use of angel cards and crystal balls are often employed during her readings. Reiki sessions are also available. For appointments: 866.592.5926.

Osuntola is a priestess of Ochun. As an intuitive reader, she taps into the energies that surround the person to deliver messages. For appointments: 954.483.6120.

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