How To Prepare for a Reading

How to Prepare for a Reading

1.) Applaud yourself for taking an active interest in yourself.

Congratulations! You have recognized the need to learn more about yourself. You are actively engaging yourself in your continued progress. This is an important step towards investing in you.

2.) Set aside a time that isn’t hectic for you so that you do not feel rushed.

Allow time in your schedule to properly accommodate your reading. You want to be able to receive the information without outside interferences. You may also have additional questions that may go unanswered if you are rushing. The advisor may have related support material to share with you as well.

3.) If you have questions, write them down prior to your session and remember to bring them with you.

You want to be able to get the most out of your reading. If you are able to reference your concerns, they can be directly addressed instead of

4.) Understand what type of reading you are receiving so that you can better understand the results.

There are several different types of readings: Astrological, Numerology, cowrie shells, Palm, IFA, Runes, etc.

The type of reading that I do is Celestial or Spiritual. It is not associated with religion. I act as a medium between the spiritual realm(Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters) as it pertains to you. Any information that is given to me during this time is what I share with you. Automatic Writing, Angel Oracle Cards, and the use of a crystal ball may be employed during your session.

4a.) What happens during the reading?

You are seated across from me at a round table. There are crystals, statues, candles, crystal balls and all of my other tools of divination on the table for my immediate use. I focus upon the energies that are around you and share what is given to me.

5.) Feel free to take notes in a journal or notebook.

Notes provide you with reference points for self reflection. Further clarification may be provided once you review your notes. This also helps you to track cycles, behaviors, and progress. You can easily create a reference guide about yourself.

6.) A reading is not the answer to every question. It is not a way to take care of all of your challenges. It simply provides you with feedback about your life from a spiritual perspective.

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