It is important to take the necessary steps to protect and maintain yourself. We are often the targets of stimuli from various targets. A lot of it is not pleasant and can cause subtle changes within you that linger into massive destruction. Something as simple as email or even an unpleasant phone call can turn a person into a heaving wreck.

Be aware of yourself. Tune into your needs and understand your limitations. If you have to take a moment for yourself on a daily basis, do so. If you have to lengthen those moments due to rather stressful situations, there is nothing wrong with that. Prayer in the middle of a crisis can do wonders for clarity with guidance often being provided on the spot. Never leave home without your protection be it your cross or favorite crystal; I personally like to use both. Extremely sensitive people tend to have various levels of protection for any given predicament that can strike in the course of a day. A popular remedy for energy shifting is spiritual bathing with many recipes being available on the internet.

Always know what makes you happy so that you have immediate resources avaialble to you. When you are overwhelmed or struck with a heavy mood, you need an instant healing and will not have the wits to research. Many women enjoy some form of dance as a regular therapy while others prefer to shop in the malls. Whatever works for you is what you should use. I once planned an impromptu Happy Hour and had smiling happy people around me for hours; it worked wonders for me.

You always want to be aware of how you can properly release anything that is within you that is hurting you. Pain is always a good indication. That tightening in your stomach before you speak to a certain individual or that pesky headache that suddenly appears whenever you go to a certain location. These are not imaginary feelings. They exist and serve as your warning system. Listen to what is being said to you. Honor your feelings and thus honor yourself and those around you that matter the most.


A woman has many layers that compose her. She is multi-faceted and as diverse as the drops of water that make up the ocean. The women that are able to draw upon their strengths, understand their flaws and always work on themselves in an effort to hear their own vibration in the universe.

What if you are reading that paragraph and wondering how it applies to you? Is that because you do not know what your strengths are? Maybe you are unaware of your flaws as well OR you are too familiar with them. Let us draw a road map together.

When your friends call you for advice, what are they calling about? Is it cooking? Maybe baking. Is there something that you enjoy and pursue just for the fun of it? That is your passion and you should use it to your advantage. Learn everything that you can about it and stay current. Do not forget to apply your knowledge whenever possible so that you can stay sharp.

There are certain topic or areas that make you feel uneasy because you simply do not like them.
My nemesis is math. I do not believe that numbers are my friend. How do I cope as an adult?
I know people that are good with math. They are the ones whom I address with such questions in order to improve my comprehension. You would be surprised to know how many people are eager to explain things to you.

I have recently discovered the need to streamline my work. It came to my attention that my harp music can be combined with my womens’ work especially with angels. They compliment each other. This instrument resonates well with their realm. I have begun to include it in healings and meditations much to the delight of my clients. I have even performed in workshops as the music source while women shimmied and undulated to balance their chakras. The meeting of both passions can make for a unified healing effort that can help women improve themselves while connecting parts of me.

Now, what about the minor parts of you that may need some attention? Maybe you have a pesky ring of fat that simply will not leave your midsection in spite of the fact that you are working out and drinking water. Your diet is also at a peak. Do not put that ring on the back burner. Bring it to the forefront! Speak with a nutritionist to see if your diet is the one that you should have for your body requirements. You may need a different workout schedule or form of exercise that will melt that ring while including the rest of the body. You may be a spinner and a treadmill person but have you gone into the step aerobics class? You may swim and walk around the block but have you gone on the reformer? There are true fitness professionals out there. They love discussing such things. Engage them in conversation.

If you wake up one day and realize that your circle of friends has vanished, well then you have some work to do. Where do women connect with each other? EVERYWHERE! Facebook is a popular meeting ground. Attend a class that you have an interest in. Many women also become friends because of their worship practices. You can also attend a Circle of Sisterhood.

There are so many wonderful things about a woman that can enhance the world. During the spring, I was having a conversation with someone and she was explaining something to me. When she was finished, I burst into a heartfelt I love you. She responded with sheer joy. Needless to say, we are now friends. Kindred spirits tend to find each other very easily. These are the little moments of genuine feelings that become cherished memories.


This post on Facebook really made me pause for a moment. The immediate question that came to mind was, where has being safe taken me? How has it advanced my life? I analyzed the situation.

Safe led me to college where I received a degree and began a job working for a system. There is a schedule, guidelines, demands, rules, and directives that I must follow in order to keep my job. I have to say that after many years of this routine, being safe is boring and doesn’t bring me to a place of passion. It is even being reflected in my dissatisfaction with my attire. My colorful personality should not be shelved during some parts of the day and then displayed during others. I want to be a fulltime centerpiece of bright color for the world to see and admire.

Safe led me to believe that my first serious boyfriend was going to be my husband. We would settle down and have a family. Fortunately, that was not the case. My path has allowed me to find myself and redefine my person time and time again. All of the changes that I have experinced have been for my personal progress, and I am thankful to do so without the constraints of a serious relationship or dependants that would have to be my main focus. Instead, my focus is what I want it to be.

Being safe now leads me to another type of thinking. I do not put all of my stock in a Western doctor because a quick fix is not the answer for a body that I have to keep for a long life. It is important for me to exercise if I want to stay healthy; that is a safe initiative. Keeping tabs on my stress factors and factoring fun into the equation is safe because it helps balance me. Studying astrology and working with angels are safe pursuits for me because the knowledge helps me deal with life. So, the new question is, if such things are safe, what is considered throwing caution to the wind?

Yesterday, I bought two new items of clothing. One item was a pair of abbreviated shorts. This is not safe for me because it is very much out of my element to wear something of this nature. It will no doubt be a conversation piece once I step out of the door.

I dream of transitioning into a career that is better suited to my journey in this lifetime. A career that allows me to feel effective and passionate about what I do is at the top of my list. Because I have the audacity to think that this is possible for me to accomplish, I would say that this is yet another example of throwing caution to the wind for me because I am no longer able to accept the norm as being my happiness. I want something else. I want more for my life.

Perhaps what is happening here is that I am taking these so called terms(safe, caution) and redefining them as they apply to me. I challenge you the reader to take these terms and apply them to your life. Are you being safe? Are you throwing caution to the wind? Only you can determine this:)


Your Imagination is Real

There was a strange sound coming from my tire as I drove home from class last night. I prayed to Archangel Michael to let me get home because I did not want to be stranded at night trying to reach AAA. When I reached home, I looked at the tire. There was nothing strange. I dismissed it as the road structure being off.

When I awoke to run an errand, in a nice casual outfit that fits my form properly(thanks Jophiel), the sound came again. While talking to my mother, I decided to swing by a tire shop just to be safe. My presence is required in Jupiter today for a wedding performance. Upon inspection by the tire man, the large nail appeared a big as the sun. The tire had to be replaced. He said that he could do it in an hour which meant that I could easily perform at my wedding.

As I walked down the street, tears came to my eyes. How was I going to cover this sudden bill? The mortgage, car note, and other car repairs had already put my back against the wall. All I could do was wonder how this situation was going to be solved. I began to feel sorry for myself. Again. I decided to cross the street and get a Chai Tea Latte from Dunkin Donuts. Before I walked in, I dried my tears with my scarf. I was going to have to believe that the universe was going to take care of me and allow my troubles to be given to a higher power.

Upon entering, a beautiful island woman asked me what I wanted to drink so that she could prepare it for me. She was happy and pleasant and promptly gave me my tea. As I sat down to enjoy it, my mind started wondering. I know people that ride the public bus because they can not afford to own a car. I have a car that has a tire that needs to be replaced. I can pay for the new cost but maybe I can not go out for the next two weeks…maybe, my friends have to come over to visit me. That nice woman that is working at Dunkin Donuts makes less money than me. She is happily serving people without any visibility of problems that may be affecting her life.

I took my cell phone and started posting in my fb group for this blog. The warmth of providing other women with inspiration lifted my spirits, and I began to feel better. Someone else in that very group may be dealing with something much greater than my little tire. A kind word may be much more necessary for her than it is for me. After all, I did have that kind lady at the counter serve me my Chai Tea Latte which I was able to purchase….

As these thoughts continued to wander through my mind, I overheard a woman complaining on the phone to a family member about the treatment of a doctor towards her elderly father. It was so unprofessional and cold that she began using obscene language to describe the horrible experience. Am I really sitting here in a nice outfit crying over a stupid tire? My neighbor suddenly appeared and gave me information that I was unable to get a few weeks ago. He also reminded me to attend the meetings regarding the place where I live so that I can be kept in the loop about issues and information that I would not normally be inclined to acquire. I was able to have all of these experiences because I was sitting in the middle of a Dunkin Donuts awaiting my tire.

As I drove home in the car with the fixed tire, my friend called to check on me. I have higher powers that help me and earth angels that check on me as well. I could be lucky, but I would prefer to think that I am blessed to be in a position to understand that the power of positive thinking even in the worst of situations can truly assist you. I wonder what else today will have in store for me. As a child of the universe, I am open to the lessons and the blessings that are being sent to me.

We are too quick to dismiss little feelings as our imagination. Fleeting thoughts become drowned in a harried routine schedule. We are in such a rush to enjoy our iphones and Facebook, that we forget that people can meet us for tea instead of via text. I urge you to walk around in nature so that you can hear your own voice. It purifies you and refreshes that spirit that is talking to you. If you are quiet, you can hear it and allow the information to benefit you. I had a nagging feeling about that tire and ignored it. At least I prayed for a safe journey home, and it was granted to me. However, I was not as quick to observe it this morning, and my mother was prompted to encourage me to go to the tire shop. She was no doubt acting out of concern for me and speaking for Archangel Michael. I shall call upon him again to grant me safe traveling mercies as I drive to Jupiter. Please keep me and yourselves in prayer.


Voting is very important to me. I do not care for politics and do not watch debates. However, I vote simply because of history. I am a black woman. History told me twice that I could not vote. This is why I take great pride in exercising this right today. There are people that fought for me to be able to do this. What I am able to do so easily came at a very high price for those that wallked before me. Out of respect for their struggle, I vote. Because I want a better future for myself, I vote. If this country is going to be a better place for the people that come after us, it is important to allow those throat chakras to be heard. Whom you vote for is a matter of personal preference. Vote because it is your opportunity to be heard.

The Power of a Woman: GLOW

Some women have the ability to simply look at a man and make him drop to his knees. Others yet have no problems becoming the dead center of attention in any room. I am fortunate to call some of these women my sisters.

This is a simple equation of confidence and the ability to maximize on the lessons of the Sacral Chakra. This is the foundation of the sensuality and sexuality that a woman brings to the table. A woman that is able to properly harness her natural magnetism can capture the attention of the masses. It is a power that baffles many and intrigues the rest. It intrigues me.
There are some that will flirt shamelessly simply because they know the man is attracted to them and is ready to blush himself senseless.

I find it rather astonishing that some of the most beautiful women in the world walk around not knowing how truly stunning they are. A lot of them are in relationships and never hear from their significant others, “Sweetheart, you are absolutely gorgeous..”. How is this possible?
If a woman is made in the likeness of the goddess, how is it possible that she is not being told by those around her that she is a star to behold? A lot of it has to do with the fact that confidence can not be taught. It can be instilled, but it has to be cultivated by the individual.

Many of my sisters get caught up in body image which then causes insecurity issues. Then when the so called pencil thin model walks by, the insecurity turns to catty jealousy. These things are simply unecessary. Society does not help with the endless press coverage of one body type coupled with a slew of violent reality tv shows (which feature women behaving poorly).

I have always been comfortable with my body; however, when I had my major weight loss, I became a different person. I started wearing make up. My diet became very important because of my workout schedule. New clothes were not purchased because I was having so much fun fitting into the old ones and creating new outfits out of them. Why I even scheduled a photo shoot in revealing clothing because my new body brought me a new level of liberation. Its flattering to know that you can walk your dog down the street and traffic stops because of you. (I blushed..twice). Since maintaining it, I now wear a bikini to the beach and am looking into new clothes to maximize my full appeal(Jophiel Moment in progress). The process changed me for the better, and it made for a rather exciting journey.

Perhaps because of this journey with my body, I feel a high level of empathy when I realize that someone isn’t as comfortable with their body as they can be. Suggestions from my self-truths….

1.) There are some women that have studied fitness and how to make it work for you to a science.
Pole fitness can give you the ultimate workout while showing you that even the quietest girl in the room can command the floor with her sex appeal.

2.) Confidence can not be taught. It is something that you have to acquire for yourself. Pinpoint your issues and work on them. It is not a trend but a true relationship that requires dedication from you.

3.) All of us know at least one person that can stop the room with her arrival because she is just that gorgeous. Ask her how she does it. You would be surprised at how eager such beings of beauty are to share. Most of them do not even know because it is natural.

4.) Become comfortable with yourself. You may have to spend some time alone in order to do this, but it is well worth the effort.

5.) When you wake up, go to the mirror and look at yourself without any clothing. Spend time admiring the craftmanship that god created. Tell yourself how beautiful you are and allow it to resonate within you for the remainder of the day. You can use it as a happy place reference as you go about your daily routine.

6.) Spend time on yourself. Hair, make up, nails…find out what you like and create your happy medium. You do not have to be a full blown fashionista or drop hundreds of dollars to make yourself attractive to yourself.

7.) Try tasting the honey with your eyes closed and imagine how you can interpret that experience.

Your inner glow is directly linked to your outer glow. You want to take care of it and allow it to shine. You want to connect to the sensuality of your Sacral Chakra and allow it to flow through you like sweet honey. Naturally, you will want to call upon a lover to share in this sexy tango. All parts of you deserve to be balanced so that you can operate at the highest levels of joy:)

Jophiel Moment

It was a week ago today. I found out that I am a conservative dresser. This was a startling revelation for me. It was no surprise that Archangel Jophiel made a very strong appearance yesterday. She is no doubt here to assist me with my concern. There are some things that I wish to beautify and the assistance has arrived:)

My fashion style features long skirts and dresses with a revealing top here or there. Since my major weight loss in 2009, I left jeans in the distance since they were too big for me. Now, I see that a pair of jeans would be really nice to own and maybe some shorts just for casual wear. I feel the need to add some spice to my attire. My friends are always telling me to do something with my sexiness. I have worked hard on my physical fitness and deserve to share my sculpture. Why, I never wear make up either…

The people at the show last week were bedazzling in chic wear that was short and fun. It made me wonder if this was an element that I could add to my closet. My inner girl wants to come out and play dress up. I don’t know the last time that I bought new clothes for myself and the sweat pants that I like to sport are also too big for me now.

It is due to Jophiel’s recent presence that all of this began to sort itself out in my mind. Perhaps she wants me to spend more time on my appearance so that I can exude all sides of myself. This shall be an interesting journey for me.

When I was in high school, a friend introduced me to a friend of hers and the three of us began hanging out together. This new friend of mine was always dressed in a rather stylish manner, and I really loved it. It made me create outfits for when I was hanging out with them. Our mutual friend soon exclaimed that she was in the company of supermodels and asked us for fashion tips. Well, I need to tap my inner fashionista. Any ideas?


I have never done a formal prayer for others before but felt the need to do so today. I gathered prayer requests from the Circle of Sisterhood and put together a ceremony of prayer for their needs as well as my own. It brought me great joy to do so.

Sage was used to invite being of light into the sacred space. Quartz crystals were used in the pyramid as well as a rock formation. A white prayer candle was placed in the middle. I wrote down three words to summarize each request and asked the universe to assist the desires of each woman into manifestation. I soon began improvising on my harp to lend melodic vibrations to the air while enhancing the prayers. Afterwards, I received messages via meditation and shared them with each sister. It brought me a great deal of joy to execute this on their behalf.

It is my belief that in order to truly receive a blessing myself, I must use my gifts for the advancement of others. It is in service to my sisters where I feel the most effective and fulfillment. The heartfelt appreciation does so much for me. Walking with the knowledge that I was able to do something to benefit another woman is so enriching.

As we continue to work together to bring the return of the divine feminine, the masculine energy will slowly fall into its proper place: in a proper balance with the feminine energy. All of us are connected and can truly make our world better by uniting and staying connected.


Dreamwork can be very exciting a provide you with messages that you need to hear. What happens when you dream of others? Well, you are suddenly put in the position of to share or not to share. I have learned the hard way that most of the time, you should at least consider sharing. I have even received phone calls encouraging me to share anything that pops into my head at any given time so that the person is not walking around in the dark.

I chose to speak of this this evening because this has happened at least twice within the past two weeks. The one that has just happened was quite beautiful, and I did share it with my sister. Because the dream showed me a beautiful Indian wedding close to the beach with a classical Indian dancer, I recognized the presence of Yemaya and the beauty of India. My conclusion was that my sister should begin to produce wonderful frocks that combine her knowledge of the spiritualty systems there as well as the wonderful colors & fabrics. Would I have gathered as much otherwise? No. My head has been submerged in my workshops, crafting, and cooking. It was my joy to share with her and shall always do so.

We were given mouths to speak. We are given dreams to build. If we speak our dreams aloud, imagine what we can accomplish:) Tracking your dreams is also very important if you are interested in your personal interpretations and tracking patterns. Some dreams will be more important than others and sometimes, yes your mind just wants something to do while you are asleep. However, it truly does help to know what your own symbology means or understanding the source of the dream. Sleep well.


The idea that someone was trying to manipulate me into spending money so that he could get a comission after I said that I wasn’t interested truly bothered me to the core. I was already disturbed by the fact that he had put my coworker in the middle of this and questioned her about me. As of this morning, I decided that something else had to be done about this situation.

How did this individual get access to my phone number? Who gave it to him? Such information is suppossed to be private. The business tactics that have been used have been improper: ambush, badgering, harassment, and now manipulation. This situation stayed on my mind all weekend. When I realized that perhaps I was suffering in silence, an email was sent to my superior officer. I told her exactly what was happening to me and how I did not appreciate my confidential information being comprimised in this manner. Someone gave him my cell number without my permission. The mere act of me pressing send gave me such satisfaction because I had the balls to do more than handle this by myself. There have been clear violations here, and the end of the story should be in my hands. Not theirs.

Why another post? Simple. There are lessons to be shared here. I made mistakes that women are guilty of all of the time. Here is a list:

1.) Be direct as possible at all times. Being subtle is not appropriate for all situations.
2.) As soon as you distrust someone, take the necessary actions to protect yourself.
3.) There is a difference between being nice and being protective of yourself: spare no expense or face.

4.) Speak to others that can properly assist your situation. I can sit here and vent all I want but until I told my boss, what actions were truly taken to have proper intervention?

Salesmen are skilled in the art of manipulation and will stop at nothing to make a comission especially if business is poor. Why else would these two nuisances be wandering around my workplace ambushing people while they are distracted with their…JOBS. This man wants to push me into a corner so that I can cut him a check just so that he will leave me alone. Its not going to happen. If I have anything to say about it, and I do…..this will not happen to anyone else. Be strong my sisters. Never apologize for taking care of yourself and never feel the need to suffer by yourself in silence. There are people out there that have a genuine interest in you and will support you in ways that you never thought possible.