Sunday: A Moment in Self Affirmation

Sunday: A Moment in Self Affirmation

In life, there will be moments when you must realize that God has designated something just for you. It could be a person, an experience, or maybe even an opportunity.
Do not block your blessing by sharing it with others or posting it on FB. Backlash and jealousy lurk all around like lions after wildebeest on the Serengeti. All you need is for the wrong finger to dip into your pot of gold and the stench of tarnish shall slowly rise to the surface.
Cover yourself with an abaya. Understand that an under layer is key to your development. You do not have to reveal all that you are. You have value and carry it with you in all arenas. It isn’t about leaving others out. It is about allowing yourself to hold the key to get in. Be well lovely women.

Friday Reflection

Friday Reflection

Sometimes, it is best to escape everything in your life. You have to schedule time to get out of your own head. Just sit in silence and think of absolutely nothing. Form a bubble around yourself and just exist if only for a moment. Such a retreat is healthy and can help you get through the daily hustle.
You can have your lunch in a park. Go into a church and enjoy a reflective moment. Maybe that coffee shop around the corner has the perfect cup for you and afternoon solitude. Whatever floats your boat, use it to your advantage.

Monday: A Moment of Fear

Monday: A Moment of Fear

Fear is something that can cripple you. You can keel over from fright never to return. The bravest of warriors have fear in their hearts; however, what makes them legendary is that they have the courage to push through it and win. We are no different.

When you stop to think that we as women can bring forth life, that is an awesome power given to us by our creator. Many of us multi task as if we are running Fortune 500 companies. It is perfectly natural to be a little frightful especially when stepping out of your comfort zone. The part that distinguishes you from the rest of the pack is that you continue to step anyway.

Love & light,
Crystal A. Sawyer

Monday Reflection 7/1/19

Monday Reflection

A sense of accomplishment is not always a public display. Maybe today, the fact that you got out of the bed was the greatest example of courage. Tomorrow, finding peace in the Middle East may be the discovery that lights the world on fire. Step by step. Day by day. You have to overcome your obstacles one by one in your own time. There is no race. It is a mere process that is based on you and your circumstances. They say that Rome was not built in a day….well, neither were you. With love,

Crystal Sawyer

Saturday Night: A Word….

Saturday Night: A Word….

There must be one thing that you want. It stands out on the list. It may not be at the top but it makes the top ten. Have you written it down? Drawn a picture? Talked about it? You should go after it.

A woman my age was buried this afternoon. She was murdered over something ridiculous. She is beautiful and left behind daughters. Was she doing what she wanted? Was her life everything that she wanted it to be?

She is a spirit now. Her body will decompose. All that will be left of her are memories, pictures, and her children. All of us are going that route. We owe it to ourselves to use what little time God has given us to chase happiness. Whatever that looks like for you, go after it. Make a plan. Get into formation. Create an accountability partner.

Disregard the opinions of others and create positive spaces for yourself. Chasing happiness often requires change and it may be uncomfortable….but the results are legendary.

Tuesday Twang

Tuesday Twang

As you survey the course of your life, is it one that you set forth for yourself or is it something that simply swallowed you? Decades often go by before we realize that happiness is within our grasp with something that is outside of our current reality. Perhaps it is a glimmer of a dream. No matter how faint…no matter the distance….take that glimmer and paint a picture. We are often submerged in the doubts and entrapment of others which then makes our own glimmer ever so small. This is why the picture has to be on a large canvas for the entire world to see and admire. One Love. ♥️🎶🌹🇯🇲🌈

Saturday Night Darkness: The Week a Boundary was Crossed

Saturday Night Reflection

We spend years of our lives investing in large corporations that don’t even know our faces, our struggles, our stories. Where is the concern for the invested penny for ourselves? Did you register for that Pilates class or take that branding workshop? Was it easier to get delivery from Chipotle?

It is the initiation of our current society that enables such behavior to the point that we aren’t even aware of it. Boundaries are not in place and even when they are, sometimes we are not even aware of when they are being crossed until the nagging ache in the pit of our stomach can’t be helped with ginger.

Take a look at your life and ask yourself…what am I doing exactly. If you don’t know, that is okay. If you have an inkling, great. Spend some time with it and allow it to marinate in the rains that are the foundation of our current Miami.

Analyze the gray, the black, the ugly and the week. We spend so much time focusing on the light that we forget there are other aspects that also exist that require another look.

Feast or famine. Fresh water or soda. Dance in the club or sleep on the beach. Ask yourself the important questions…and move into the next day unscathed.
One Love.

Friday Reflection 4/11/19

Good morning ladies. Healing is a life long process. We are constantly being bombarded with things that aren’t good for us on every platform: physical, mental, spiritual, and environmental to name a few. We are asked to let go and release things for our own good as a way to continue on our journey. Is there a burden that you need to throw away? Find your light and pursue the very things that will help catapult you to your next destination. Some of you are beginning new jobs while others are looking to for a mere five minutes of reflection. You can do it. You can heal yourself. Be well on this the final day of a work week.

Being Unhappy

How many times have you heard a friend, sister, aunt, or even yourself…complain about how unhappy she is in her relationship. These are some common phrases: I want a divorce; I have invested the best years of my life to this relationship with nothing to show for it; Who would want me now. However, when the opportunity presents itself for her to change her situation, she does not. She chooses to stay and wallow in her unhappiness. Why? Why does she complain, cry, and bemoan her doorless cage?
My only conclusion is that it is easier to remain miserable. True change requires extreme effort. Genuine work has to take place. It is a rare individual indeed that can look at her life and say no. My story does not continue like this. It requires less effort to make excuses that at some point you actually believe to placate the very thing that breaks your heart over and over again. There are side affects to making such changes. For one thing, the true colors of those that are around you are shown.
When you are unhappy, you radiate at a lower vibration. This makes many people comfortable around you because they have company to complain with. There is another body at the bar. There is a permanent friend to face the struggles of life. However, if you decide that an unhappy relationship is no longer for you, there is more than leaving that person. You may not have as much in common with your former drinking buddies. The drunken Happy Hour calls cease because you have to get to yoga. Instead of complaining, perhaps you have sought the assistance of a therapist who helps you understand why you chose this person to begin with. This leaves you with little to share with people that were once held captive by your tales of woe. The fried food that once kept you locked in high blood pressure has vanished in favor of live food and lemon water.
This can be shocking to friends and family alike. You begin to thrive and your vibration rises. Some people will be tickled pink about all of the sunshine in your life. You have chosen to break free from your chains and truly live. Others will despise and attack you. “Who does she think she is, living her best life…”. There may be arguments and other break ups. Why? If you found your sunshine, your light now shines too bright into the darkness of your former mates. They resent you for leaving them behind in their bitterness.
There is a lesson to be learned from all sides with such a situation. When you have an individual in your life that wants to be crestfallen for eternity, it is your responsibility to let them. If you choose to stick around and listen to the tales of woe, make certain that you are doing something to uplift yourself once all of that energy has pierced your bubble. If you are the one that wants to be happy, the first step is hope. The first step is to know for a fact that change has to happen. Once you make that decision, the entire universe will conspire to help you. Lawyers appear. Someone suggests a boom from Oprah’s list. You win a retreat that shows you a whole new world.
If you are the unhappy one that wants to remain in the mud, someone will be present to listen to you. Once your old friends get tired of it, new ones tend to appear and sympathize with you. There will always be company for your misery. The rest of us are here silently hoping that you choose a better life for yourself. However, we are also out here living our own. Choose wisely. Choose happiness.


Good morning ladies. On this our second day of relaxation, we are given time to ask for what we truly want. Is it a life of leisure? More time to pursue that elusive interest? Maybe, you just want a nice long nap. Figure out what you truly want for your life and then break it down into smaller increments. What do you want for yourself this week? What about today? If there is a phone call involved in this plan, make it today. Honor you own wishes and set the world on fire. One Love. Crystal.