Turkey Visitation

Thanksgiving found me with a five hour performance at a familiar haunt. The opening of this holiday season would prove significant for me in that it would gauge the rest of the season. A first time happening popped its beautiful head in that I was also booked for the day after the dry bird for the first time ever. I wondered if there would be sadness over the missing presence of my father during this time. Fortunately, the sadness never came. Why, I found myself quite happy and rejoicing.
I think what helps me a great deal is that I do not think of my father in the past tense. My relationship with him continues. As sleep came after a terrible headache caused by a lack of meat, Daddy paid me a visit in a dream. He was happy as could be. I saw him in his home at the end of the hallway with a big smile on his face. It seems as if he was pleased with how I was caring for my mother and he encouraged me to continue along my way. My eyes opened the next day with great joy as the packing for the bris began.

Energy: My New Understanding

Prior to performing Reiki on others, I would say that my understanding of energy was basic. It was just enough to help me get through the day. There is bad energy, and there is good energy. However, there is a completely different comprehension now that I have been exposed to this energy by channeling it myself to others. The feedback always amazes me. This was hurting but now it is not. I did not know where you were but felt a very strong energy.
I have used Reiki on my food, and even performed Reiki on a bedroom and discovered a presence. While working on this one particular wall, a different sensation was being sent back to my hands. This was new. The energy normally flows through me without being returned. The room requires sage to keep all of its occupants happy and calm. However, imagine me being able to determine this with my new found activity. I was intrigued.
After reporting this experience to my Reiki instructor, we agreed that this work is a natural extension for a medium. It adds another healing element to what we already do.


The first time that I heard the word Reiki was in Coral Gables. A shop owner was telling me about a circle that she was having that very evening. Fast forward to the tarot reader that later became my friend in 2008. She mentioned that and journaling as ways that could help me develop. Since then, I have had many Reiki treatments in various circles and with individual practitioners. It never crossed my mind to take a class until I had a conversation with a particular Reiki Master. She took one look at me and said that I had a healing talent that I had never explored. A blank stare crossed my face. It never crossed my mind. The idea sounded good to me and I pursued it perhaps a year and sometime afterwards; two weeks ago.
My first practice session seemed to have been right on time for the individual. She reported feeling as if her headache had just evaporated. Based on her description, I realized that her crown chakra was blocked and had gently opened because of the Reiki. There were certain points that wanted more attention than others. The interesting thing for me was that her session turned into a full blown reading. My second and third practice sessions also yielded beneficial results for the individuals as well as for me. I feel gently charged throughout my entire body which is unusual without being worked on myself.
Each session has made me feel as if I should be doing more work of this nature. It feels so appropriate for me, and the women seem to be so happy and refreshed when we are finished. My future plans include completing Reiki II, and maybe browsing for a table. I think this is going to be a permanent fixture in my life.

The Prayer

A prayer does not always have to be formal or from a publication. Singing, chanting, dance, art, and drumming are also forms of prayer. Sometimes, I do not use words. I simply sit down in a sacred space and play my harp. The spiritual realm appreciates warm expressions directly from your heart. This is the foundation for your continued connection.

The Funeral Home

After leaving the new bridal boutique, it was time to make my way home. Somehow, I ended up on the Turnpike North instead of South. This did not please me one bit. I was already a good distance from my home and now I was going to be taken even further out of my way. Upon exiting, a traffic light caught me at the intersection. My eyes fell upon a funeral home that I had never heard of before. My new discovery was about to be explored.
Upon entering, the chatter of people came from a back function area. A repast was taking place and none of the associates or directors were visibly available to speak with me. However, there was a display case with the business cards for everyone. I sat down and reviewed all of them. On the way out, I marveled out how I had been carefully guided to this unknown area to find a funeral home that could potentially benefit from my services.
Experiences such as this further make me question those that lack faith. What do you do? How do you function on a day to day basis? Life is enriched with a spiritual connection. An understanding of something more can serve you in good times and in bad. This funeral home will no doubt have my brochures shortly. What shall come of this? Who is to say. I just know that this is yet another example of how guides have provided me with assistance. A humble thankfulness washes over me.

The Railroad Tracks

There is a railroad track next to my friend’s home that has always drawn my attention. As I awaited her arrival, I decided to walk there to pray. My hands searched for three pennies as an offering and as they found themselves into my palm, I looked down and saw three more pennies on the ground. My body stopped moving as my gaze focused on the copper just sitting there looking at me. A smile came across my face as spirit made its presence known. The brand new scarf found itself on my head as I approached the railroad track.
Prayer is a powerful thing. It is real. It can move mountains. Time spent on bended knee is important. What did I pray about? I asked for encouragement as I embarked on new journeys of developing workshops. Such endeavors include guiding people along the way while continuing to develop myself. It is an exciting and busy time. I took three rocks from the railroad as the pennies were thrown and ventured over to the little park to sit; it was time to have a conversation with my father. An odd thing happened as we chatted. A train rolled by on the same tracks where I had just prayed. This struck me as odd because that has never happened before in spite of the many times that I have been in the area. Yes, spirit heard me.

My Purring Present

After leaving the gyn, I went straight home. A candle was lit and my hands started writing about my feeligns. The news was not bad; however, it tugged on a few strings for me. Surgery was offered as an option. My immediate response was that unless it is required, I do not want it. A course of action was determined in order for me to remain under observation. When I wrote that I felt all alone, Niagara Falls suddenly filled the living room. Afterwards, a massage was scheduled and my evening unfolded.
It was close to midnight when it scurried across my path. While looking for my phone charger, a kitten appeared out of thin air. It was soon sitting in my lap purring away. We spent what felt like an hour together. My eyes focused on the beautiful full moon as a smile crossed my face. I asked the kitten who sent you to me? Because I knew that it was a gift from God to ease my sorrows. We played together and rolled around my porch. It even followed me to my door and would be inside now had I not explained that a pet is not on my agenda. Granted, if it is still there in the morning…..

Archangel Haniel

It has been quite some time since I have received direct messages from my favorite archangel. She encouraged me to believe in myself. She said that I should believe in my dreams. Her presence was felt during the wondrous meditation that happened with the help of Youtube. Why would she have a message to share now?
There are truths about myself that have yet to be revealed. There are truths about others that have yet to be discovered. An entire world of adventure and knowledge lays in wait for me to explore. We are beyond the half way point of the year; perhaps some thought should be spent on how the second half should be executed. This served as a gentle reminder with love and compassion. These are sentiments that I treasure during this time in my life.

Youtube: My New Meditation Frontier

This Summer season has been a rather involved. My father made his transition in June, and my life changed over night. Between spending more time with my mother and performances, the normal flow changed course. I do not rise prior to noon and nights are spend watching television or in the company of friends. Meditation was a distant thought but not one that was forgotten. Yesterday felt like the perfect time for me to return to a realm of comfort.
It was last year when I discovered that I had to change my meditation practice every couple of months in order for it to be successful. Normally, I would just change the music. Last night brought Youtube to my attention on my television! After scrolling through the meditation clips, there was one that featured beautiful pictures with three hours worth of music. My fingers pressed play, and the room was put together for a relaxing time.
As my eyes closed, beautiful pictures of exotic lands appeared. Large mountains and misty waterfalls made themselves known. There was even an image of me looking down at myself dressed in green standing on a marvelous black carpet awaiting something amazing. The session brought me such joy that a text was immediately sent to a dear friend; now she wants to try meditation to Youtube!
There are no plans in my agenda for this evening. A book will most likely befriend me while I lounge on my favorite piece of furniture; the bed. It would not surprise me if I decide to revisit the lovely lands that embraced me not so long ago. What shall I see next:)

An Angel Appears

It was a terrible situation. There was no way out for me, and it was tearing away at my spirit. I contacted two acquaintances that immediately came to discuss the predicament with me. Shortly after that afternoon, one of them told me how much she loved angels. She believed that her guardian angel was always with her. I smiled as I listened to her without telling her that I too believed in angels. It was nice to hear that someone else shared the same notion.
While visiting one of my favorite chapels, I visited the gift shop. There was a small statue of Archangel Uriel. My eye stayed on that statue for months before finally purchasing it for that kind lady that helped me. As I gave her the present, I told her that I too believed in angels and we started crying in with joy. As we dried our eyes, there was a story that needed to be shared.
My home is quite different now. There is new furniture and lots of cooking. Fellowship and bonding happen daily. The presence of my old angel statue dawned on me as I missed it. She was beautiful but fell down one day. I fixed it and she was back together again…until she once again lost her head. It occurred to me that another one should be purchased from the same collection so that she could once again grace my home with a visual grace. Imagine my surprise when it was gifted to me today by an unanticipated source; an angel from the very same collection.
This angel holds a shell to her ear. She listen to the sounds of the wide open sea. She has been placed on top of the new furniture next to my angel cards. The lavender candle will no doubt maintain the calm of the atmosphere as I now enjoy my new spot to connect with what I already know exists. Angelic beings are a gift from God, and they welcome anyone that wishes to connect with them.