Your Own Thing…..

You have to have your own bag of tricks from which you create your own thing. The world is filled with people that are content to sit on their asses and do absolutely nothing while others yet compete for the spot of best imitator in life.
With the uncertainty that life throws at you, being prepared with your own talents is important. Do not wait for people to notice you or provide you with open doors. In many instances, you will be the sole cheerleader for yourself; informing people about what you do, providing your own key.
Ask yourself, what do you have that you can use to meet that small niche that people need to have filled. How are you going to take a tried and true industry and revolutionize it with your own twist? What makes you different from every other brand under the sun doing the same thing? Well, for one there isn’t anyone else on the planet with your specific formula. God put you on this earth to do something. How are you going to shake the earth?
By the same token, you may have so many talents that it is hard to figure out which one you should be doing. What would you do for free? What makes you happy? What has captured your attention time and time again? You may need to offer blended services. Why? You can give people a more complete brand while fulfilling different aspects of yourself at the same time.
Be an open book. Embrace change and facilitate collaborations with others. Share your vision with willing ears and uplift each other. Why? At the end of the day, the hustle should not happen all of the time. You still need to have human connections away from social media and business meetings. When was the last time you had a meal that wasn’t attached to anything other than pure fun? Relax yourself. Often. Recharging is good for the soul and refreshes your work.


There it was. The one comment that made me take pause. Why on earth would someone tell me that paradise was lackluster? It was not until a dear friend pointed out the intent that I realized the gravity of the matter. I was hit on and did not even know it. It is my nature to encourage people and actively support them. When no one else believes in you, I am that cheerleader on the sidelines rooting for the upcoming victory. You do not have to be my friend or romantic interest; you could be a business. I believe in vision and support it with my heart as well as my dollar. Apparently, this was taken to heart and suddenly, my presence became important.
Why did this go over my head? Part of me has given up on love. There is no interest in pursuing anything in the one department that has failed me for the duration of my life. For whatever reason, Cupid has seen fit to simply overlook me. Life changes have enabled more pounds on my tall frame, and these days do not find me dressing in the manner that I would necessary like. Once again my hair is a mystery to me. From where did the sudden hit originate?
Men and women alike to have their dreams recognized and encouraged. They want someone to listen to the things that they want for themselves. It is not enough to be somewhat present for the struggle but also encourage the triumphs while mourning the failures. You have to be a part of it. A perfect example of this is how a child acts when you say something good about what they have done. More often than not, they look for excuses to interact with you because you make them feel good with praise and encouragement. Adults are the same.
You must be wondering what I shall do about the individual. Absolutely nothing. He is not my type. He needs to work out his issues with his paradise and find his Zen. I am over here working on me and mine.

Friday Reflection 4/11/19

Good morning ladies. Healing is a life long process. We are constantly being bombarded with things that aren’t good for us on every platform: physical, mental, spiritual, and environmental to name a few. We are asked to let go and release things for our own good as a way to continue on our journey. Is there a burden that you need to throw away? Find your light and pursue the very things that will help catapult you to your next destination. Some of you are beginning new jobs while others are looking to for a mere five minutes of reflection. You can do it. You can heal yourself. Be well on this the final day of a work week.

Celebrity Death

People die every day. We are only hearing about these people because they are famous. The contract was complete. They fulfilled the terms and it was time for them to return to the source. They will go through the review of this lifetime and face God prior to preparing for the next assignment.

Keep Going

For the last week, yoga was not on my schedule. I stopped doing it in the mornings and it was not a thought on my mind. My gut simply hung on the horizon. The words of my yoga instructor faded from my mind. There I was simply lost in translation that I call daily life. Thursday slapped me like a ton of bricks. It was one blow after another. More demands from work and a surprise wedding invitation. My constant contact did not hear from me for 24hrs. 10pm found me in bed hiding from the world. It was not until Sunday morning when hope rescued me from the whispers of my own mind.
There I was. Unloading all of my woes in prayer. It felt like such a long time. Admitting things to yourself isn’t always easy, but it is necessary. Connecting with something higher than yourself can feel like a cosmic hug. I wanted the necessary resources to help me with life. When it came to a close, there was nothing but silence. A shower soon followed. The Dr. Sebi feed mentioned that doctors should prescribe yoga before pills. My pants soon adorned my body and Earth, Wind, & Fire wafted from my cell. Sun salutation after sun salutation. “Hearts a fire”. The edge of the mat consumed my body and felt my pain.
It was not long before I was typing away here at my blog. The unhappiness of women intrigues me to this very second. Writing about it helps me understand and deal with it. I hope that others can find healthy outlets to deal with their woes besides alcohol and weed. Pizza and chocolate cake are also vices. All of us have at least one. If used in combination, problematic layer upon problematic layer is built. This becomes the foundation for your life. Unhealthy living at its finest.
My body is a little sore now. A bottle of water is next to me as my cleaning lady assists with the house. I shall prepare for orchestra in a little while and then whisk myself away to rehearsal for a musical afternoon. Once it is finished, perhaps I shall linger in the sun to feel its warmth on my skin. Lemon tea with honey shall round out my evening. It is Sunday. The beginning of yet another week in my life.

Being Unhappy

How many times have you heard a friend, sister, aunt, or even yourself…complain about how unhappy she is in her relationship. These are some common phrases: I want a divorce; I have invested the best years of my life to this relationship with nothing to show for it; Who would want me now. However, when the opportunity presents itself for her to change her situation, she does not. She chooses to stay and wallow in her unhappiness. Why? Why does she complain, cry, and bemoan her doorless cage?
My only conclusion is that it is easier to remain miserable. True change requires extreme effort. Genuine work has to take place. It is a rare individual indeed that can look at her life and say no. My story does not continue like this. It requires less effort to make excuses that at some point you actually believe to placate the very thing that breaks your heart over and over again. There are side affects to making such changes. For one thing, the true colors of those that are around you are shown.
When you are unhappy, you radiate at a lower vibration. This makes many people comfortable around you because they have company to complain with. There is another body at the bar. There is a permanent friend to face the struggles of life. However, if you decide that an unhappy relationship is no longer for you, there is more than leaving that person. You may not have as much in common with your former drinking buddies. The drunken Happy Hour calls cease because you have to get to yoga. Instead of complaining, perhaps you have sought the assistance of a therapist who helps you understand why you chose this person to begin with. This leaves you with little to share with people that were once held captive by your tales of woe. The fried food that once kept you locked in high blood pressure has vanished in favor of live food and lemon water.
This can be shocking to friends and family alike. You begin to thrive and your vibration rises. Some people will be tickled pink about all of the sunshine in your life. You have chosen to break free from your chains and truly live. Others will despise and attack you. “Who does she think she is, living her best life…”. There may be arguments and other break ups. Why? If you found your sunshine, your light now shines too bright into the darkness of your former mates. They resent you for leaving them behind in their bitterness.
There is a lesson to be learned from all sides with such a situation. When you have an individual in your life that wants to be crestfallen for eternity, it is your responsibility to let them. If you choose to stick around and listen to the tales of woe, make certain that you are doing something to uplift yourself once all of that energy has pierced your bubble. If you are the one that wants to be happy, the first step is hope. The first step is to know for a fact that change has to happen. Once you make that decision, the entire universe will conspire to help you. Lawyers appear. Someone suggests a boom from Oprah’s list. You win a retreat that shows you a whole new world.
If you are the unhappy one that wants to remain in the mud, someone will be present to listen to you. Once your old friends get tired of it, new ones tend to appear and sympathize with you. There will always be company for your misery. The rest of us are here silently hoping that you choose a better life for yourself. However, we are also out here living our own. Choose wisely. Choose happiness.

Message from an Angel

She was dressed in all white for the tea. As my song came to an end, she shared her enthusiasm for my performance. She requested my info in case she married again. I smiled and said that it could happen. Her response was that she was 86. I blinked and said , “And…”. This is where the story gets interesting. She divorced her sole husband at the age of 26 and never remarried because she simply could not deal with people. I felt my eyes grow wider as my entire being focused on this fascinating information. Now at age 86, men are chasing her and she does not know if she wants a boyfriend. This woman put my entire life into perspective in a matter of five minutes.
I have spent many years of my life alone. My thirties were all about me and my life. The time to focus on myself and develop in any way I chose was present. It was a beautiful gift that many women have wished for but will never receive. By the same token, I have never been that girl to always have someone at my side. People from high school know me as the girl that no one wanted to be with for whatever reason. I am simply not on the love radar. There have been several relationships in various forms.
At this stage of the game, I hope that there is someone that God intends for me. Life is better with someone you love. While my heart has been the victim of many an unfathomable relationship, there is still that small glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, there is someone out there just for me.


Good morning ladies. On this our second day of relaxation, we are given time to ask for what we truly want. Is it a life of leisure? More time to pursue that elusive interest? Maybe, you just want a nice long nap. Figure out what you truly want for your life and then break it down into smaller increments. What do you want for yourself this week? What about today? If there is a phone call involved in this plan, make it today. Honor you own wishes and set the world on fire. One Love. Crystal.

The Calm is the Storm

At any given time during the day, there are a million personalities, interruptions, and annoyances that I have to field. It is a grueling task. With so many people to deal with hour after hour, I am often drained prior to the end of the workday. It causes me to seek shelter solo. My car suddenly turns into a sanctuary where no one can reach me. However, this week has been different.
There seems to be an inner calm that lays within me. No, I am not a walking Buddha, but I do not feel quite as perturbed by daily fires. Instead of flying off the handle while observing a useless argument, I interrupted it with, “I love both of you. Forgive each other and move on. We are a family.” My personal space is often ignored. Questions are hurled at me. Instead of grimacing, I can look the individual within the face and respond with a very cool demeanor. Perhaps many people require medication to attain this feeling. I simply need yoga.
The dreaded mornings have not been as horrible. Since adding a brief yoga practice to the morning shuffle, the sleepy haze has vanished. People can address me without my spirit being completely destroyed. A smile is on my face vs. a depressed pout. I am empowered to take on my day and win. As my body lays there on the mat, goals form, and I claim victory as my own.
By tweaking the beginning and end of my days with yoga, I have discovered a new healing. That inner voice is often drawing very solid conclusions. My lovely instructor has taken on a new importance in that she is hearing about all of this on a daily basis. She supports and guides me with a sisterly love laced with compassion. It is a whole new world filled with a gentle lift. Life is simply easier to handle. Emotional baggage has been addressed with this practice. Tears continue to cleanse the disappointments and regrets that life has served.
Yoga is much more than complex contortions and pants. A journey down this road can lead to amazing discoveries of self and add that extra layer of comfort that you did not even know existed. A price can not be placed on it.

My Streamline

There I sat on my mat. My breath connected to my body, and my mind connected to my body. The ancient bridge appeared, and my whole being crossed over into being complete. Tears flowed as the gentle healing began to envelope my body. As I stood to greet the sun, my salutation commanded several movements to complete the phrase. My body has finally found a way to acclimate itself to the outside world. Ten minutes of basic yogic postures and a complete transformation has happened.
Instead of being easily annoyed by people throughout the day, a negative reaction is delayed. While the multi tasking and varying personalities still drains me, the process is not as victimizing. By understanding that my day must be started and ended with more intention, I have overcome many obstacles before they even begin.
My afternoon was spent browsing through yoga articles. Its amazing to me that all of this has taken place within the span of the week. My next thought is to see how I can allow yoga to infiltrate other areas of my life. Time shall tell how I am able to use this ancient practice to help me live.